Like many of you, I’m excited for the new Scream movie that’s coming out! Looking back at the franchise though, I’m wondering if they’ll ever have a new plot twist to the killer(s?) and do something they’ve never done before. It’s either a double killer scenario (Scream 1, 2, and 4) or an angry step brother. Although this is the first film without Wes Craven, I’m sure they’ll stick the same old stuff to please the masses. The first two were great, but the third one seemed like it could have been better. I’m sorry Wes, but I’m feeling very imaginative right now. I watched my Scream movie box set 1-3; I don’t have the 4th (whoops!). Watching the 3rd installment, I got to the part where Sidney ran into “Sidney” (the actress who plays her in Stab 3) in the bathroom. Very reminiscent of when she ran into one of the killers in her high school bathroom in Scream 1 (who I presume was Stu). An idea sparked: What if it was “Sidney”? I think that’d be a better version of Scream 3 for a few good reasons:


1. Lone Female Killer

In all of the Scream movies (including the 4th one) there’s at least one male killer. Scream 1 had two guys. Scream 2 and 4 had a male and female duo (both with the female killing the male and pinning all of the murders on him). And Scream 3 has a lone male killer. I think the last thing anyone would suspect is a lone female killer. It’s a rarity in the horror genre (but prevalent in the thriller genre). As a leading director in the horror world I’m surprised Wes didn’t take it there. In any case, with Scream 3 having a lone female killer, it’d be a much better twist. They went for the whole sibling rivalry angle, but siblings of the same sex are often more malicious with each other (if it goes there).


2. New Identity Theft Twist

The main goal from Scream 4 was to kill and “become” Sidney for her fame. What if “Sidney” wanted to actually become her? Much more twisted. Before her book, and her fame she was just hiding out in Monterey under a fake name… perfect. So instead of a snot-nosed brat who wants internet fans, it’s more of a Taking Lives situation. Also! She’s not an actress. She killed and assumed the identity of the girl that actually won the contest for the new lead role. Fun, right? So there’s definitely no need for Scream 4 at this point. But I’m not done yet.


3. The New Vendetta

With the main objective as assuming Sidney’s life, one needs the reason why. Well with Roman (Scream 3 killer; Sid’s brother), he was upset that Maureen denied him because he was basically a child of rape. So he decides to film Maureen bedding Billy Loomis’ dad (Sid’s boyfriend) and set him off on a killing spree. Call me old fashioned but, that’s not typical of a male killer. He probably would have just flat out killed her in real life (I watch a lot of crime shows). But that whole scenario seems lame to me. So in this version, all of that is cut out. With all of that scratched what do you have? Crazy sister versus non-crazy sister; simple, and believable. And yet there needs to be a tie that leads back to the original movie. How about this… Billy found out that his dad was sleeping with Sidney’s mom because evil Sidney found out and had Billy kill her. After being denied by her mother, she would definitely be interested in getting some payback. Being a master manipulator, she finally found someone who was likely to do the deed. And how did she get him to do it? Well… not with a video tape. Let’s just say “like mother, like daughter”. Yes! Super plot twist: Billy had both of the Prescott sisters (although he doesn’t know it) *cue the Jerry Springer theme song*.


The New Scream 3:

After being seduced by evil Sidney, Billy kills her mom in what he believes is his own plan for revenge over Maureen breaking up his family. It’s executed perfectly right down to the frame job they pulled on Cotton Weary so Evil Sid can keep her boy toy. Time goes by and Sidney Prescott is getting all of the attention as Maureen’s ONLY surviving child. This doesn’t sit well with Evil Sid… guess who she calls up to fix it? Yeap! Billy involves his idiot friend in a new game to kill Billy’s (publicly claimed) girlfriend. Evil Sid now wants to become Sidney (and probably kill off Billy and Stu just to keep some Craven in the mix). She probably tells him that she wants to be “his one and only”. How else would a psycho killer break up with his girlfriend? However, they fail and get killed by Sidney instead. Frustrating, eh? She waits in silence for years while Scream 2 goes on following Roman’s character. Billy’s mother comes back for revenge over Sidney killing her son. After that’s over with evil Sidney is ready to take the lead again.

In the new Scream 3, evil Sidney kills off and assumes the identity of the contest winner. She begins stalking the offices for information (since they did so much research for the role) so she can find her. When she fails, she starts killing people off and leaving pictures of when Maureen was in Hollywood to lure Sidney out (same as the original). When Sidney finally shows up, it’s on. Of course, evil Sidney now has a taste for blood and starts offing her annoying cast members… and pretty much anyone who would know the real Sidney from the false one. Evil Sidney then carefully finds a way to lure Sidney alone somewhere to kill her quietly. So instead of a giant mansion with far too many witnesses, they’re at the mansion alone (Roman was never born so no one was called for a fake wrap party). In the room where their mother was raped and evil Sidney was conceived, she wanted to “kill her former self” symbolically by killing Sidney. The gang figures it out and finds them in the mansion just in time to see Sid right after she takes down the killer.

*mic drop*

Maybe they’ll do something new for the killer(s) in Scream 5! Will we finally get a lone female killer? Is it going to be another odd but dynamic duo? Who knows (aside from the cast and crew)? But I’m excited!!


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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