Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic day today! Recently I had discovered a whole treasure chest of items I’ve collected from metal shows over the years while I was thinking about how to decorate my place. There were patches, set lists, and drum sticks (oh my!) — and of course a ton of concert tickets! So I took them out of the box and laid them all out and grabbed my measuring tape. Now that the job is complete I can go ahead and share this with all of you! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a whole collection of stuff hidden in their room! I’ll start with the most obvious…


Set lists are generally 8×10 or 8×11 (if the set list has some blank edges to it you can put it in an 8×10 if it’s a bigger sheet of paper). Some smaller set lists are 5×7, or 4×6 if they’re very tiny (measure to check). If the set list is long and thin (an 8×10 folded), don’t unfold it. Get a “business license” frame. It’s gonna be something like 5×10 (be sure to measure). Now moving on to my second most collected item…


The patches I collected were all put together in a large 16×20 frame . There’s 15 patches in total (not all of my patches but most) to make up that amount of space. I used a piece of black trash bag for the background. Mostly cause that’s all I had but it looks dope as hell! You can also frame some patches on their own (larger back patches) — just measure the patch and get the right frame! Or you can use the large patch as a centerpiece (like I did) for a larger multi-patch piece for your wall.


I generally put  concert tickets in 4×6 frames. They’re going to have horizontal space between but it looks ok generally. I just like to mess with the background to make it pop. Making your own background for these frames is pretty easy — keep reading on to find out how.


Literally just slapped them on the wall. When it comes to drumsticks there’s not much to em. All you need it something to hold them up on a wall like a clear tac (what I used), or if you want to get fancy you can snag some nicely designed wall hooks. All you need to do is space out the hooks so there’s an inch of drumstick hanging off each end (like a curtain rod).


Clear Tacks — So for the frames I used clear tacks to hang them up, mostly so I wouldn’t really see them since the frames leaned forward a bit when on the wall. They did also come in handy for the drumsticks as well so it was a cool 2-in-1 deal.

99 Cent Store/Dollar Tree — This is where I got 98% of the frames I needed for the set lists (I had to special order a couple of frames). They’ve actually got some cool looking frames in those stores. I went for warmer tones (gold/aqua blue/brown) for my place, but they had cool tones (silver/black) there as well.

EXTRA HACK You can actually go to Dollar Tree’s website and order your frames of choice, and have them delivered to the store in your area!

Make Your Background — Instead of looking for a frame with a cool aesthetic matte board cut (I wanted that for the tickets I was going to frame), you can make your own and unique background. If you can get your hands on a magazine with that band’s photo (or photos) you can cut them out for a collage style background. You can also use different textured materials like a trash bag for a more grungy look, or some fabric such as a VERY thin patch of denim, leather, plaid cloth, or even pressed flowers. As long as it fits your aesthetic — go crazy!

Super Glue — As cute as the frames were from the 99 cent store, they were NOT sturdy (go figure right?). I suggest reinforcing them at the corners with some super glue. That way if you live in an earthquake prone area (*cough cough* LOS ANGELES) and your frame hits the ground, it’ll still be intact!


If you have a Fuji Film Instax Mini camera (and you’re brave enough), take it to a show and take some amazing photos. When you’re done, grab yourself some size 2.5″x3.5″ or 2″x3″ frames. Depending on what camera you have you may need a bigger or smaller frame — just be sure to measure your photo when it comes out!

If you want to bring more PIZZAZZ to your frame — DECORATE it! You remember that super glue you bought to reinforce it? Use that and whatever else you want to add more life to your wall art. You can use literally anything. I suggest little things like collar spikes, safety pins etc. You can wrap the frame up in fabric as a base (leopard print, plaid etc), and just add a bunch of cool stuff on top (enamel pins, guitar picks etc).

And there you have it! Hopefully this helps you get some creative juices going and you can empty that box of metal show memories (just to refill it) and have it up on the walls for you to see every day!


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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