“What are YOU doing here?” …same as you. I love metal. Duh.

IG: @justamfkndevil #FindMyHorns

Welcome to MFKNZINE!

This Underground Metal Zine is dedicated to the alternative lifestyles of amazingly talented creepsters of all medias, kick-ass metal bands, and ghoulish horror films. MFKNZINE is a Femme-Based and LGBT+ Positive Zine looking to showcase POC, LBGT+, and Femme artists.

Are you a part of the Alternative scene and looking to collaborate with MFKNZINE? Great! Please read the following submission guidelines for instructions before submitting to the emails below! If you’re wanting to contribute to MFKNZINE regularly, please send an email to


If you’re looking to join #MFKNMEDIA, please send a link to your online portfolio to with the subject “MFKNMEDIA: (YOUR CITY, STATE)/(NAME)/(PHOTO, VIDEO OR BOTH)”.


Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for a response.



Photographer/Model /Designer Feature

  • First thing’s first, these images MUST be exclusive content, or they will not be accepted. This means no social media posts too!
  • Be sure that you own the rights to the photos, or have your photographer sign a content release form for publication.
  • All credits must be accounted for!
  • Have a Dropbox account with a folder containing the images with the name of your photoset and date as the folder name.
  • Please only submit one photoset at a time! You will overwhelm us. Keep it a cohesive storyline, that way you don’t lose the viewer.
  • Nudity is okay, as long as it’s artistic/tasteful. No Playboy spread eagles… unless there’s some kind of demonic creature coming out of there (no birth shots). No straight up porn shots.
  • Please send the low-res version (72 dpi) first, then if accepted send the high-res version (300 dpi).
  • We do not accept images that are watermarked.
  • When submitting, please allow 2-4 weeks for a response.

Film Feature

  • Have all of the credits necessary or a proper feature (everyone who worked on/off set).
  • When submitting videos, please only send us the link to your Youtube or Vimeo account.
  • Be sure that it is at least 1080HD resolution (4K preferred)
  • Let us know about your work! What’s it about?


  • We only feature variations of metal, rock, and alternative music (if I’m not head banging, I don’t want it).
  • Please send a link to your Soundcloud or Youtube account.
  • Do not send us MP3s of your music. Links only!
  • Have high quality audio! No grain!
  • Send at least one promo photo of you/your band to us via Dropbox link for a feature.
  • If selected, be prepared to answer questions regarding your music, band, yourself etc.

Artist (2D/3D) Feature

  • Send us the images or the video of your artwork via Dropbox.
  • Please do not send photos taken by cellphone, they will not be accepted (we count pixels).
  • Send a small blip about your artwork and the media used to create it.
  • If selected, be prepared for an interview.

Writer/Poet Feature

  • We are accepting short stories (fiction/non-fiction), poetry, and well-written articles that fit with MFKNZINE.
  • Send the document (.doc) to
  • If it’s an article, send the PITCH, not the article.
  • Do not have this published anywhere else. We prefer exclusive content.
  • Please only send one document at a time.
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