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So what the hell is a “witch bottle”? I’m sure you’ve seen one either in a movie or in someone’s home — a bottle filled with random items floating around in liquid. A witch bottle is a ritual of intent in which a bottle is used to put meaningful items along with one’s thoughts/intentions and left on an altar or buried. For mine, I made it the night before my birthday right around midnight and stayed awake conjuring my desires. With each item I placed inside, I said aloud what I wanted, what the item meant to me, what it symbolized. Each ingredient was carefully chosen and bestowed a hint or more of my own power. You can literally make a witch bottle for anything. Love, money, power, better sex, better relationships… anything.


For me personally, I just wanted to make one for my 30th birthday — another stepping stone into becoming the woman I want to be.

Since I’m a Pisces, with hella Capricorn I used a lot of water and earth elements. If you don’t know your birth chart and what you have for your star alignments you can find out here. It’s important to use things that you connect with, and things that connect with your chart (to make it more personal).

What I used:

Scorpion Moon Water + Pisces Moon Water

Both of these were collected during the new moon of each sign. Scorpio is my Black Moon Lilith and Pisces is my Sun Sign. Opposites, but both watery and balancing. And after I used the water, I shoved a black candle, and white candle into the bottles to strengthen the balance between each one.


Venus Love Juice

To further enhance the witch bottle I decided to pour in my Venus Rebirth ritual. My Venus sign is in Capricorn so I used this to honor my cold ass Capricorn heart (hahaha!) — maybe it’ll warm up!



Purple (Psychic Power) + Pink (Love/Beauty) Flowers

These are very important to my Capricorn side(s). Having flowers not only makes with witch bottle gorgeous and helps us focus our intentions, some flowers are needed for certain signs. For example: Lavender is the best flower to represent the calming nature of a Pisces. A serious must-have for me. Different colors represent different things — same as candles.


Sea Shells

As a natural born water sign having shells in my witch bottle is VITAL! Of course, some of them I couldn’t get in there because they were too big, but the smaller ones did well. The bulk of my intention setting went into each and every shell I managed to get down the neck of that bottle.




For myself personally, no ritual is complete without a little bloodshed. It symbolizes sacrifices that one is willing to make. Spilling your personal power for whatever you wish to gain… what’s more ritualistic than that? And since I am prepared there was already blood to be had on my altar (at all times). It’s my own of course, I don’t recommend using someone else’s blood unless you’re on some other shit



Small Gemstone

Placing this small, pink, fiery little gem in the bottle (you can see inside the bottle on the bottom right side) was the finishing touch for me. Like vanilla ice cream with a hot slice of pie. I highly suggest using gemstones, or crystals for your witch bottle to make it all the more powerful.



Whatever room was left I used water and sealed it off for the ritual. Making one for yourself is easy! I just used an empty Tequila bottle and scrubbed off the stickers to make for an excellent witch bottle! It was a beautiful ritual and I highly recommend that anyone who practices to try making one for themselves. If you do, share them with me @ MFKNZINE@GMAIL.COM or connect with me on social media!


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