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Late to post, I know. But there was so much going on resulting of this meetup I couldn’t keep track. So Saturday June 15th was the first (of many I hope!) Witch Walk in Downtown Santa Ana. The event was held by an amazing woman named Lacey aka “Hype Priestess” on Instagram. I hadn’t heard anything of it until Coven of Ashes popped up in my newsfeed saying that they’ll be performing. Looking it up, I see that the date is just perfect (since I’ll be working in OC that morning). The day arrives, my gig ends, and I make my way to Downtown Santa Ana.


It was… beautiful. It looked like my altar had EXPLODED onto this Artists’ Alley and all of these amazing people had appeared. To tell you the truth, I had walked by this area a dozen times and never gave it a glace until that day. When I started walking through I saw sage bundles burning in every direction, a small yoga group doing stretches, an aura healer calming another customer’s energy. The wind grazed my face and felt magical, warm and soft; it was a special place to be.

Everywhere I turned I met someone more interesting than the last. Crystal cobblers, psychics, and of course other witches. Along with curious strangers there were a fair amount of people truly living the lifestyle, and it was refreshing to see. I didn’t feel like some freak on a display case for “normal people” to gawk at. I felt comfortable.


Finally, I met the curator of the event — The Hype Priestess. Bright green hair wasn’t super hard to find. She didn’t seem intimidating at all, her smile was even warmer than the weather. I kept seeing her smiling and laughing with people all over the site. It was kind of crazy cause she would disappear and pop up somewhere else glowing with a new group of people.


In the middle of running around and meeting new people, Coven of Ashes was announced to perform. Everyone gathered along the sides of the vendor booths with their phones at the ready. Near their tent was a small altar of a skull, a handful of candles, and ….strange black liquid (still don’t know what it is). The ceremony began and we were all immersed in the performance. Some of us were kissed with oils thrown by Lauren herself in passing as they walked the courtyard single-file. Their legs adorned with flesh hooks, and necks smeared with black, we watched as they danced a ritual for Santa Ana’s first Witch Walk.

I ended up getting to meet Lauren in person (finally) after they were done and started to unhook themselves. We talked about suspension pain, cathartic moments, and bloodletting. A very interesting conversation I hope to continue with an in-person interview (fingers-crossed) soon!


The next Witch Walk will be July 20th from 5pm-10pm in Downtown Santa Ana on 2nd and Broadway!


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