Hey there! This is the official donation page for my lawsuit against an artist illegally making money off of my likeness. Among other things, he was a domestic abuser, a racist homophobic, harasser (threatened lives online and in person), a serial rapist, and now… NFT artist who’s using me (as usual) to make money. You can read the full length story here, with testimonies from others (that just keep piling up). He didn’t just abuse me, he abused everyone.

I am currently trying to raise $30K for a lawyer and my fees.

You can help me by either donating to either of these…



Litecoin (LTC): MJ5vCPCC7okCUSxtzpoagLB4Pi2Er2izZe

Bitcoin (BTC): 34skfhFaPg9nZ3nM8EHxCwaKFZDq6jRskX

Ethereum (ETH): 0xB6E4c7c8B79c0824De14E8C9A16Ed60960fA130c


You can also help by buying merch! I will be designing more shirts in the coming weeks! I still have my store up and all funds will be for my attorney and my fees.


I will be transforming my Only Fans into a BAND TIP/EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW profile. I’ve been dead on that thing for months anyhow, not feeling super creative as of late, and I hate to see that thing go to waste. So, I’ll be using it to gather information for all of these underground metal bands that I love to help them on their way in the industry …or without it. If you WANT photos of me, I will selling them IN MY MERCH STORE as in Fujifilm Instax Mini form (wallet size).


PLEASE SHARE THIS POST to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Thank you all so much for being there for me and helping me get through this horrible time in my life. I’ve been getting so many others coming to me with their stories too and it’s very difficult to talk about a lot of this because it all sounds insane — because it was. I will keep you all updated as I continue the zine (nothing is stopping my dreams from happening), and we’ll see this through to the very end! ❤ xx

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