Psycho Smokeout was the first time I was able to see UADA perform live. Big boots, big hoods, locks of hair pearing from the dark voids of their skulls… all dressed in black. The music was filled with doom and desolation. Felt like coughing up black blood when it was over. I was able to snag a Spectral Storm shirt from their merch table (BUY MERCH!) and struck up a conversation with their merch Goddess. Their table was so altar-like I thought (more like hoped) there might have been something witchy going on. She handed me some kind of leaf to take with me and it actually held up in my pocket all night (now laying on my altar)!

After Psycho Smokeout I was able to catch up with Jake from UADA for a quick interview on the band’s Spectral Storm Tour…


First off! I see you guys are back home in Portland, what was the first thing you did when you finally got home?

JAKE: This last run was a real intense one so as usual when returning home from tour I rested the best I could. The public eye can be draining to say the least, so I was in full isolation for about 8 days. After that it was back to work behind the scenes.

How did you guys enjoy Psycho Smokeout?

JAKE: Some things felt out of place, but we did our best to present our experience to those who stood before us.

Any hometown favorite bands you guys like to see/support?

JAKE: There are a ton of bands from here that are out there doing it & it’s always great to see. A few of the locals I’ve been excited to see rising are IDLE HANDS & BEWITCHER among others.


Your fanbase is spread out pretty far. Lots of love from Germany! You’ve got a show coming up in Belgium too. How does the US crowd compare to the European crowd when it comes to the level of energy and chaos?

JAKE: It all really depends on the place it seems. Europe is much more reserved than the US, but the crowds there are a bit bigger for us. The Spectral Storm tour in the US was a great showing. There was not a single bad turnout & it seemed almost every show was wild. There is a lot of energy here in the states, people are angry for good reason & it’s nothing short of magical when we all can release that energy together.

Best crowd from your Spectral Storm tour?

JAKE: Every night was amazing for us, it is really hard to choose just one. I will say that the Decibel Fest in Philadelphia was definitely the top due to the amount of support & great people we met that night. My hats off to Decibel for all that they do, great zine, festival and most importantly crew.


Your album fuckin slams. I really love how it feels like  you guys describing so much of what’s going on in America right now (esp with snakes and vultures)… Would you consider your lyrics to be “fantasy lyrics” or something with a deeper meaning but written in a more poetic/dark way? What was your core inspiration for this album [Cult of a Dying Sun]?

JAKE: Thanks. There is no aspect of anything I write that is fantasy, everything has a very deep meaning from my personal life experiences & beliefs. The lyrics for “Snakes & Vultures” were written the night before our election in 2016. They were never meant to be political in any way, but that is what came out naturally.

The imagery you guys use is very occult and witchy. Do you perform any rituals (full/new moon etc.)?

JAKE: There is always ritual involved in any craft. Manifestation is always present but that is about as much information as I can share on this subject.


Like all of you, I cannot wait for the next bought of bloodletting music from this amazing quartet.

Listen to UADA‘s song “Cult of a Dying Sun” below! Be sure to snag some merch while it’s still available here.


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