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Cherubs, and devils, and pots leaves — oh my! Hey everyone! Today is a great day to smoke some weed. Whatever happens, whether we celebrate or need to calm down — it’s 420 time! Recently, illustration artist known as VALFRÉ had a sale on their smokeshop website and I decided to check it out. Needless to say I loved it, and I’m looking forward to new products. If you’re looking for a new item to add to your kush bar or if you’re in need of a new something-something for your 420 lifestyle — this is the post for you! I went ahead and bought a few of the items so I’ll be telling you all my personal reviews while we go through the shop — let’s see what’s on the site!


What would you do without your grinder?! Picking it a part with your fingers just isn’t the same and you know it. You need a MFKN grinder. This was one of the items I purchased from the website and it’s a cute, teenie grinder! Great for putting into your “going out bag” (whenever it officially becomes safe), or maybe even your pocket (the legit pocket). Might have to crush up some bud a couple of times if you’re like me and need to get a fat joint going or your three-bowl pipe lit. Loving the design and how compact it is for a quick kickback with a friend, or just anytime you don’t have room for a big clunky one!


(Small & Large)

I have a tray but these are cute — and they come in two different sizes! First is the classic “roll em’ up” tray that’s the average size. Then they have the DELUXE tray with compartments for your grinder, your weed, and your papers (and whatever else you need) all in one tray. Of course the bigger one with the seated areas for your knickknacks is twice as much, but I think it’s worth it. Especially if you’re not into making a mess all over the place and like to be organized (type A personalities).


Where do you put your weed? These stash boxes are perfect for any femme stoner who loves a little flair with their 420 vibes! I’m loving the designs (especially the devil one of course) and how well it would fit with my stoner kit. I feel like anyone would feel super fancy pulling out one of these stash boxes in front of their friends for a smoke sesh. I’m going to get one at some point — maybe they’ll make a super sized one by then!


One downside to being a stoner is all the ashes, but not to worry — ash trays are available as well! There’s a good amount of variety between the different shapes, illustrations, and sizes. I did get one of these and it’s made from ceramic material so it has a good amount of weight to it (hard for me to accidentally tip over). It’s almost too pretty for me to use, so I just wash it out after every joint or bowl. A serious must-have if you’re a fan of the artist and a huge hippie-dippie stoner like I am!


THIS. This, this this. I needed this. More often than not, it’s a tragedy trying to travel with a pre-rolled joint from home. Always squished, bent, or just plain smashed to shit. Me and my purse were about to start fighting. But now we’re cool cause no matter what, my joints will stay the same glorious, smokable, shape in my new joint case. I bought the “Devil’s Lettuce” one featured above (loved the colors) and I can’t wait to roll some weed up and take it out for an adventure (probably a solo one, but still).


Light your fire with one of these awesome refillable lighters! Better for the environment, and looks better in you hand. You don’t want one of your friends “accidentally” walking off with one of these. I wanted one, but no devil designs for sale (boo hoo) — maybe in the future!


I’m a huge lover of smoking weed out of a pipe, and I can always use a cute little pipe by my side! Although it was sold out when I looked, I’ll keep checking the site. This super cute, little pipe with a mermaid design was the only one that they had displayed, but hopefully they’ll expand on this one (more bowls in one pipe and a “lucy” devil design).


Lately I’ve been rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling joints! I have papers everywhere (so no need to purchase), but these are pretty cool looking! They’re sold out, but will probably be in stock soon enough so keep checking back!


Last but never least — the bundle. Yes! You can get combination tray, grinder, stash box, ash tray, a lighter, and a joint case all in the same theme! Right now they’re on sale! There are full and mini bundle sets available of all different themes! Seriously check that out before buying everything you want. If you’re going for a full on theme, this is where you should go first!

Puff, Puff, Pass… THE FUCK OUT!

*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

Thanks for reading! If you’re a cannabis brand, or a cannabis merch retailer and would like a review be sure to contact me for a feature! And to my stoners out there, if you’re looking for music to get high to check out my Stoner Metal Saturday posts each week! Don’t forget to stay #MFKNCONNECTED with me on social media!



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