It’s almost time!!! Tomorrow I’ll be another year older and my age is: “HOT” (not my quote, but I’ll take it!). I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll have to ask if someone has a heart condition before I tell them how old I am — I’m never gonna look my age (*celebrates*). And since tomorrow is the big day I’m making this list VERY personal. I’ve actually met four out of these six bands. Oddly enough, they’re listed in alphabetical order — what’s weirder is that I started from the bottom going up. These are my top five favorite stoner/doom/sludge bands hands down. Most of you know who they are so there’s not much new stuff to talk about but these are ALL live sets. Yes! Every single one of these videos is a LIVE PERFORMANCE video! If you have a projector and a white screen/wall… HOOK IT UP! I’m telling you… this is some next level “quarantine life” shit. Watching these videos on a 10ft screen is a lot different than a laptop or a phone. If you don’t have one, hey… new idea for ya! Let’s get this started so I can celebrate too early and pass out somewhere!



One of my favorite female vocalists resides in this band — and she looks like my first boyfriend’s mom (no lie!) — but with tattoos. ACID KING is a stoner/psych band from San Francisco, California and I’ve seen them in person a few good times. Always an epic performance, and I’m hoping for an album sometime soon! Their last release was their ‘Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere’ album from 2015, so maybe (hoping they see this with my fingers crossed)! Please enjoy this video of ACID KING playing their full set at SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST (on my to do list!). And yeah you can still get their music on the official Band Camp!



Another favorite of mine! This is an amazing live performance video of AMENRA (we need more live videos like this)! This is a sludge metal band from Kortrijk, Belgium and they do have new music, but I haven’t listened to it yet cause it makes my soul writhe in agony (in a good way). I don’t know, they just rip the pain out of me in the most brutal way and I’m not ready to do it again (hahaha)! But if you’re not as affected, I HIGHLY suggest you check out their new music. I’m sure it’s fucking epic and I’m just being a testicle about it — AMENRA is fucking savage. Check out this live show below and their new music via Band Camp!



The only band I didn’t get to meet, but gave me the night of my young, epic life. ELECTRIC WIZARD is a stoner metal band from England that was born in the 90’s (just like me!) and seeing them live in the US around this time was damn near IMPOSSIBLE. I remember them not wanting to come to the US over weed issues (couldn’t bring it, or have it, or something) and they didn’t want to play/be here (which is how I feel now haha!). But this ONE tour they finally did it — they came here. Very limited tour. Very unlimited amount of weed smoke in the venue. This is ELECTRIC WIZARD with their most epic moment of the night as they play my favorite song. After you check out the video, hit their site for extra merch items and such!



New favorite band FAETOOTH coming in hot! Funnily enough, I was actually going to be at this show on my birthday last year. But I was emailed a confirmation letter from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY‘s PR team before I sent my email to FAETOOTH. However, I did get to “meet” them via zoom during an interview (coming up on MFKNTV so stay tuned for THAT!). The coolest chicks you’ll meet and they’re in a badass doom band from Los Angeles — fuckin sweet! They actually taught me about the music scene here (I guess I don’t know shit! haha!) — how there’s different styles of music being made based on where the band is in LA. As they said it, things started to come together and make more sense. Check out this live show for FAETOOTH‘s EP ‘…An Invocation’ and be sure to show your support on Band Camp!



Still in love with this band from Richmond, Virginia! WINDHAND is another badass stoner/doom band that must be on this list. My favorite album of theirs has got to be their self titled one from 2012 (especially the last song). And now they have a newer album that’s been out since November of last year called ‘Levitation Sessions’ (mental save for Wednesday). Seeing this band live is another realm — really kills out the noise around you for a pure centered focus. I remember feeling like no one else was in the room even though (I think) the show was sold out. WINDHAND is just one of those bands that just elevates you with their presence, their music, and their vibe. If you ever get a chance to see them live, go! But for now, have a look at their live performance and head on down to their Band Camp for that new album!



I cannot, and will not complete this list without the best thing that came ever out of Eugene, Oregon — YOB. I’ve seen them live a couple of times and well.. it’s beyond words. It’s not “an experience”, it’s an execution of your ego. I don’t care who you are, YOB will gut you out and fill you with beautiful light, I swear. I’ve seen musicians that just played get into the crowd for their set… and cry. I love this band a lot (I’m sure you’ve noticed haha!) and seeing them play live again is enough to make me want to bubble wrap myself and wait this COVID thing out. This is as close as I can get to a live performance and I’m putting this projector of mine to work! Check the two videos out below (couldn’t choose so I decided not to) and don’t forget to hit up their Band Camp to support!


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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