The “no internet” storm has passed! Luckily not too much time has passed, so we’ll be picking back up on Stoner Metal Saturday. If you haven’t submitted your music for Stoner Metal Saturday or MFKN Metal Monday there’s still time!

As for my “big surprise” on 4/20, it’s postponed for a little bit. The date is pending but still fairly close — gives me a chance to maybe add on some more amazing things!

And of course the MFKNMERCH… I’m about a week and a half behind but should be good soon!

I’ll be up all day and night this week making up for the content and other extra little things I had planned but was put on hold from lack of internet connection.

Special thanks to the ones who checked in with me and kept me sane this passed week! I’ll keep everyone posted on my social media platforms so make sure that you’re FULLY MFKN CONNECTED!

If you’re not FULLY MFKN CONNECTED, you need to be!


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