Hey everyone! How’s your apocalypse going? In any case as many of you know my internet crashed a few days ago and I’ve been working from my phone ever since. And now that seems to be running too slow for me to do much of anything. To all of the bands who submitted for MFKN METAL MONDAY will be featured next week. I just have to figure out what’s going on with my provider and all that other crap!

With that being said, hopefully it will be resolved by STONER METAL SATURDAY time — one way or another. Just right now, today is a suck ass day. Although next week is going to be sweet! 420 next Monday! THE ULTIMATE 420!!! I’ll be celebrating on my social media platforms (INCLUDING my MFKN FB GROUP) and announcing some cool things too! It’s all apocalypse-friendly so there’s no way to miss out on it!

And with that, I hope you’re all having some fun at home being safe and whatnot. I’ll be brainstorming my ass off on how I can make some killer content for you all!

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