Heyyyy!!! Super MFKN glad to be back in this bitch! Having no internet fucking sucks and I’m glad that’s over! So! I’ve been getting a lot of good submissions, but I wanted to explore YouTube a little bit this week with some newly added FULL LENGTH (you know I like that FULL length shit hahaha!) albums from my top two favorite YouTube Channels ROB HAMMER and 666MRDOOM… plus a little something extra from my personal archives. Let’s go!


TOP 3 From 666MRDOOM’s YouTube Channel…



If you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed doom metal screams with stoner rock music, you have your answer! This is an interesting and delicious mix of harsh, angry vocals and classic rock style riffs. This Colorado Springs band is known as DUST LORD and they are known as a SCIENCE-FICTION/HORROR STONER ROCK band. That’s a crazy sounding sub-genre and I fucking love it. Sounds like if John Carpenter’s The Thing somehow turned into a stoner rock band (the pyrotechnics at the show would be PHENOMENAL hahaha!).

You can buy their full length album here via BandCamp!




Getting a little sludgier I’ve come across this band called PYRAWEED — I mean, why wouldn’t I click on it? Too close to two of my favorite words “pyro” and “weed”, just smashed together. This amazing SLUDGE/DOOM METAL band is from a place called Baku, Azerbaijan. Being the uncultured swine that I am, I had no idea what this place was so I had to look it up. Baku is East of Armenia, North of Iran, and south of Russia on the edge of the Caspian sea (all the coordinates haha!). PYRAWEED has an amazing groove to their music and a fearless approach with the way they vibe. I definitely want to see more from these guys!

You can purchase this album for $4.20 here on their BandCamp page!



Maybe I picked this one because I’m a Pisces (haha!) — pure rock n’ roll with this one. I dig that vibe a lot with STONER ROCK music — when it’s a little more on the wild side rather than how I feel after some bomb ass indica and I’m useless to the world haha! DRYLAND is a bitchin’ band from Bellingham, Washington that I need to see live (you know, when this is all over with). It’s short and sick at with twenty-three minutes of unhinged rapture. Honestly, I’ve been listening to it all morning haha! I like how melodic it gets, but maintains their rock n’ roll core till the end. It really does feel like a dance with waves — tumultuous, randomly calm, and somehow the chaos of it all seems to flow perfectly.

You can check out their album and buy it here on their BandCamp page!


TOP 3 From ROB HAMMER’s YouTube Channel…



As SOON as I saw the title of the first track “Let Me Die” I thought, “Ugh!!! Same! FACK!”. BEOIR is a SLUDGE/DOOM METAL band from Chile with a post-apocalyptic vibe that drudges on along with a deep visceral voice.  It’s the perfect music for this kind of climate where you kind of just hate everything. A nice one to listen to at night (especially for the rainy sfx in the beginning of the record) coupled with some heavy indica… nice.

You can check out the band and buy their music here via BandCamp!



THIS!!!! THISSS!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS. If you follow this site, you know how much I love it heavy.  The beginning sounds like that one scene in Jurassic Park where they heard the T-Rex coming and the water was shaking like a leaf. I’M shaking like a leaf. This is fucking amazing. NEVER BEFORE is a badass STONER/DOOM/SLUDGE band from Beijing, China and I need to see them live ASAP! Low toned drones with some serious pick up on the beat — getting rhythmically tribal. I like how the music gets heavy, but the vocals aren’t as sludgey — staying true to the stoner rock aesthetic. The title of this album is well-deserved.

You can buy their music here on their BandCamp Page!




Let’s get a little more chill with it. This Swedish band LOWRIDER is just what I need for a relaxing, yet productive day kind of vibe. It’s DESERT/STONER ROCK with a hint of FUZZ — serious sativa cravings with this one. I feel like getting everything done when I listen to this album (hopefully I will today haha!). The melody is more upbeat and chill, and the vocals are more sweet and laid back — pretty much all the things I love. Really digging the riffs in this album too — full of energy but still calming (not super aggressive) so as not to restructure the vibe of the record. That little hint of fuzz on every track is everything.

You can buy this album below on their BandCamp here!


And now… a SERIOUS SERIOUS throwback for me and perhaps a lot of you too. I give you… Robin (motherfuckin) Trower. FUCK yeah…


Now, if you don’t know who ROBIN TROWER is, he’s a bad mofo from London, a fellow Pisces brother (ayyye!), and an old school savage. He’s been around since 62′ and toured a year or so ago. I was originally looking for “The Chrysalis Years” but this is about right as well. My main three favorite songs “I Can’t Wait Much Longer”, “Daydream”, and “Hannah” are front and center so… it’s about right. So, you’re probably thinking, “wait… HOW old are you? How do you know about this guy?”. Hush up haha! I’m still barely 30 years old… but I’ve always loved music. When I lived in Sacramento I hit up a Dimple Records (shout out to Dimple!) and snatched this record up after hearing “Daydream” in a movie (Lords of Dogtown). I’m a melo-cinephile. That’s how I found out about him. That’s how I find 80% of my music (Deftones too haha!) — Light up and enjoy this right here.

You can check out his Official Website here!


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