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Hey everyone! So I’m finally getting around to sending my concert photographer contest winners out for shows! Super excited about this right now and am thrilled about the results!

The Concert Photographer Contest went on for a month back in July via Instagram with winners announced in August.

This is Cameron Evans from Sacramento!

He’s a chill ass dude that I met before I moved away (again lol) at a show at Holy Diver. When I first followed him on Instagram, I found this post. It really resonated with me since I am also a black metal photographer… just add a vagina (hahaha!), so just add “being constantly flirted with when I’m just trying to work”. I definitely wanted to keep my eye on him to see what he was going to do after I left and well… he’s been VERY busy! I was kind of surprised that he entered my contest — I didn’t think he’d have the time (haha)! Check out his work!

This mini photo book is from Deathgrave’s set at Cafe Colonial in Sacramento, California on September 15th (final day of their short tour).

Deathgrave has been a major contributor to the bay area metal scene for a while. Bred out of San Jose (my birth town), these crazy fuckers know how to put on a show. If you missed this tour (like me — *cries blood*), I will definitely let you know when they’ll be playing again. And for those of you who don’t know about Deathgrave (whaaaa?!) you can check this out !!!


Photographed by Contest Winner: Cam Evans

If you want to know what they sound like, check out their album “So Real It’s Now” below! So Real, It’s Now is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Digital orders are available at THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in its entirety. Place physical orders HERE.

Track Listing:
1) Casket Bath
2) Not Your Average Liquor Store
3) So Read It’s Now
4) Sleeping Through The Shoebox
5) Trichotillo – Mania
6) This Is What You Get Pt. 2
7) Live Fast Die Slow
8) This Is What You Get Pt. 1
9) Carcass Stew
10) Bile-ation
11) Hacker
12) You Can’t Win
13) Face Forager
14) Carnival Grotesque

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