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Mid-Year Goal Boost With Full Capricorn Moon

Another year, another handful of months fly by like nothing and you’re thinking “…I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING?!”. Relax. I’ve got you covered. One: I promise, you’ve done more than you’re giving yourself credit for. And two: this Full Capricorn Moon is just what you need right now. With a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 2:31pm (PST) and a peak at 2:38pm (PST) on July 16th, this is a perfect afternoon for an earthy, grounding spell to reset yourself for the remainder of the year. This is a rebirth spell mixed with a success spell. For illustration purposes I’ll be using gifs from one of my new favorite witchcraft films The VVitch (2015).

Items For Your Altar:

-Money (to help with savings, and making more money; bigger bills are best)

-Elements of Earth (leaves, dirt, seeds, etc from your favorite place)

-Red Roses (Summer/Earth Element for Beauty, Passion, and Life)

-Bones/Horns (Another Earth Element for Sacrifice, Pain, and Death)

-Blood + Red Wine (Inner-power summoning)

Candles: Dark Blue (Knowledge, Integrity), Green (Money, Growth), White (Cleanse), Brown (Stability), Orange (Energy)

Stones: Black Tourmaline (Protection), Tiger’s Eye (Power/Courage), Smokey Quartz (Grounding/Cleansing), Clear Quartz (Energy), Garnet (Self-Empowerment)

Oils: Patchouli, Cypress, Frankincense

Prepping for your Capricorn Moon Spell

You might feel like you’re a little lost right now, but that’s okay. Capricorn Moons come to remind you of your goals and ambitions. If you’ve written them down somewhere months ago, or just remember them by heart, have a piece of paper filled with your goals ready to go.

Be sure that it has EVERYTHING, with little to no room for random errors, otherwise you may end up getting what you want in a twisted way (not exactly what you wanted/not how you wanted to get there/unexpected consequences).

When it comes to the blood mixed in with red wine, you determine your own ratio. It’s a symbol for self-sacrifice in the name of your goals and intentions. In a way, you’re selling your soul… to yourself. You’re saying that you would set aside extra hours of sleep, having fun, and other distractions to obtain your goals. No more frills. No more pampering. It’s time to get real.

The setting of your ritual is very important as well. I highly recommend that you surround yourself with nature. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, there’s always a way. But of course, outside is always best (especially with a full moon out). Even though the peak is in the daylight hours, nothing beats an altar under full moon light. For an even more interesting and intense experience, put on some music in the background. Not too loud so it’s distracting, but gives an ambiance. I suggest something that makes you feel… determined.

Now that you’re ready to begin, set your altar up however you see fit. If you want to enchant a piece of jewelry (or something you want to wear) place it on the altar somewhere.

When your altar is up, begin by remembering what you wanted to accomplish this year and realize where you are from those goals. You may be on your way but moving slower than you anticipated. Or you may be derailed all together. Either way, giving yourself time to remember what you wanted to do with time is beneficial. Write all of your goals down on a piece of paper when they’re all fully realized.

If you do tarot, begin with a reading on your goals. See what’s missing along your path before mynifesting anything. Be sure to leave no question unanswered.

Achieving Your Goals with Full Capricorn Moon

With the piece of paper you’ve written your goals on, read it to yourself repeatedly until it’s practically memorized. These words need to be embedded into your mind. Burn the paper when you feel you’ve remembered them, keep repeating the words to yourself.

Some may find it beneficial to write down and burn their goal list repeatedly as a form of ritual.

If you’re using money on your altar, leave it there for the entire moon cycle (2 weeks). Be sure to use the biggest bills you have to multiply your wealth more quickly. Sprinkle dirt over the money to form a new “foundation” for your life.

When you feel yourself getting closer to your peak (how YOU feel personally, not the Moon’s peak), drink the bloodied wine and concentrate on the memorized words.

*Pricking your finger is the best way to obtain blood for this ritual. I highly suggest you only do it that way, and before you drink any wine (alcohol is a blood thinner, so you’ll bleed faster when intoxicated).

When this is done, rewrite your goal list and have it displayed on or near your altar. Make sure you’re always able to see it on a daily basis.

During the next two weeks you should have a boost of confidence, energy, and a more determined spirit when it comes to your goals. To keep this up, light and meditate with your altar every day to reset your energy levels and your mindset for accomplishing more things!

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