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Psycho Smokeout 2.0 is Coming!

Stoners and Doom Heads rejoice! Psycho Smokeout 2.0 is coming back to Los Angeles’ Catch vi venue on Saturday, April 18th 2020.

Psycho Smokeout 2.0 is the lovechild of Psycho Entertainment and RidingEasy Records and will be featuring about two dozen artists from all over. This year we’re going to see Weedeater, Acid King, The Obsessed, Cough… and none of these are the headliner! They will be announcing who’s been picked for their crown jewel later this fall (ELECTRIC WIZARD PLEASE!!!!!!!!)

Tickets are on sale TODAY September 19th at THIS LOCATION

The limited early bird tickets are a cool $39 plus fees and are expected to sellout within 48 hours of being announced. The next tier will be $49 plus fees. The final tier will be $59 plus fees. Don’t sleep on this!


Psycho Smokeout 2.0 Line-up:

Acid King

Casket Raider



Great Electric Quest

Heavy Temple

Holy Grove

India Tigers In Texas

Leather Lung

Mondo Drag

Mother Iron Horse

Mountain Tamer

Pale Mare

Salem’s Bend

The Munsens

The Obsessed

The Well



Who would you want to see as the headliner? You already know MY vote, what say you? Let us know on our social media! Don’t forget to follow MFKNZINE and subscribe here so you don’t miss a post!



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