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What’s up my fellow mellow stoners! It’s springtime (or just about) and it’s time to switch up your bud! I don’t know about you but I’ve been into indica couch-locking strains lately. Now, I’m looking for something to uplift my mood and get me to actually go outside and do things (when it’s safe… finally hahaha!). I’m making a top 10 list of strains to look for this upcoming spring for you to try. Maybe you’ll have more fun with your spring cleaning. Or perhaps you’ll get randomly inspired to create some art. Better yet, maybe you’ll wind up on some sort of wacky adventure (more my speed) that you’ll never forget, but not quite remember. Either way, let’s get into some greens!



This strain has always… and I mean always… gotten me into a crazy adventure. There’s no way I can’t “follow that bird” or “that pathway” to find something new that I’ve never seen. It’s always uplifting, makes me feel happy and relaxed. Super Sour Diesel had to be on this list for sure! Beach day, night out, walk in the park… this is it.



Mimosa is a smooth sativa that gets me in a seriously mellow vibe every time I try it. It’s like a Sunday drive (if you’re not in LA hahaha!). I’d honestly rather have Mimosa blunts for Sunday brunch instead of the drink — same effect. I love smoking this strain with friends. Some other sativas get me so deep into my own head that I can’t hold a conversation. But this strain makes for the perfect combo of a chillaxed social butterfly.



HANDS DOWN MY FOREVER FAVORITE. Ah! If I were a strain… Blue Dream would be it. This is that stuck in a haze, goofy, mind-wandering, creatively inspiring strain. I love how happy and giddy I get every time I smoke some. It’s the best loner stoner strain for me personally. I can smoke up a fat bowl and edit some photos, videos, write an article… I get really creative in my own little world each time. In fact, I’m smoking it now. Surprise!



Maui Wowie tastes sooooo fucking good. I love the after effects of some seriously uplifting energy and the immediate euphoria thereafter. It’s like slipping into a warm bath (or in my case a scalding hot shower) — it’s relaxing like an indica, but it won’t knock you out. A beautiful hybrid if you want a little bit of both (who doesn’t).



Like the Maui Wowie, Tangie is another one of those relaxers but with a creative inspiration twist. Kind of like if Blue Dream were more indica based. Tangie has been a staple in my stash for a while and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s a chill strain for outdoor things like camping, hiking, anything in the woods really — makes you love nature a little bit more.



If it’s Clementine it’s party time! This is another tasty little strain that is a hybrid sativa. Very delicious. Very effective in making me hungry hahaha! I usually end up smoking this at parties and cannabis events — always good for a hit to start the conversation flow. Talkative, but not chatty. High, but not “out there”. Relaxed, but not half ass asleep somewhere so people can TikTok your face while drawing on it. Pick this shit up before you hit a party, trust me. Also, have a game plan for food right after hahaha!



Super…. LEMON… Haaaaaaaaze!!!! (I was imagining an announcer for a wrestling match haha!) This strain is the shit! I loooooove lemon ANY THING but this right here is the ultimate choice! Ugh! Take me back to San Francisco. That’s where I really found my love for all things lemon and then this shows up. Super Lemon Haze is the strain that makes sunshine and rainbows appear. I’m serious, you’ll find one — it’s probably a needle pile, but the way the light is hitting those needles… you’ll see that rainbow haha! I cannot smoke this with other people. I’m too gone. You can try it though!



XJ-13 is one of those strains that makes me feel like running errands — like I need to be out and about doing things (don’t smoke this during quarantine haha!). Straight up sativa with the uplifting feeling — very good for depression and bad moods, but doesn’t make you hazy and waste a day. I love to smoke this up when I have stuff to do that I don’t really feel like doing (you know, like going to work haha!). Gets me through the day when I’m having a shitty one, or when I feel like being a huge lump.



Jack Herer is a staple in the sativa strains. SUPER energizing. Great before a workout (cause it makes me want to actually workout haha!), and afterwards so I don’t just lay out and die for about an hour. Energy! Energy for this, energy for that. Everything. And let’s not forget that euphoric hit that comes with it. It’s easy enough to know why Jack Herer is one of the top strains (not even for sativa… just PERIOD), but you need to feel it. This is also a favorite among the older stoners (60 and up) who like to get things done but still be high as shit. As an old soul with a lot of things to do on a daily basis, I feel that.


So there you have it! If you haven’t tried EVERY strain on this list, I highly advise you to do so. These are the best fruity, citrus-tasting, high class sativas for your 2020 Spring! Which one is your favorite? Are you smoking one right now? Hahaha! Let me know at MFKNZINE@GMAIL.COM

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