Woooo shit! Okay! So as some of you know I turned the big 3-0 yesterday, and I’ve been busy all week in preparation. SOOO with that being said I’m going to share my FAVORITE doom/stoner metal bands on here. I’m pretty much typing this up real fast before I get ready for strippers and tequila in San Diego (last night was Black Label Society).



Some people have still not heard of Windhand and at this point I’m starting to question their love for doom and gloom. This female-lead 4 piece band from Richmond, Virginia is a one of a kind experience (especially in person). This is just one song from their 2nd album SOMA which is like 30 mins long (typical shit lol). The music is all transcendent through metaphysical vibes. It feels like a ritual, it sounds like a ritual — it just gets you in such a mood. I play Windhand often — full moon nights mostly. Windhand is my NUMBER ONE choice for fellow witches who want some mood music for their practice.

You can check out their other music and buy SOMA via their Bandcamp page!



LET’S GET CRUSTYYYYY!!!!! I’ve been a huge fan of this St. Louis trio since I found out about them (not even sure how???) a year ago and I haven’t stopped listening to them since. FISTER (yes, that is their name) has been around for a bit selling records under the radar. This is a prime example of some doom/crust metal. It’s a devastating mix of raspy screams, and low bending riffs. Another band that I was blessed to see live! ALSO! The shirt I bought from them has been scaring middle aged white women everywhere… so special thanks for that! Seriously… they freak the fuck out hahahaha!!! It’s so great.

You can listen to their music and buy their albums here!



Electric Wizard doesn’t smoke weed… weed… smokes Electric fuckin’ Wizard. Am I the only one who turns into a fist-shaking 90 year old man at the beginning of “Barbarian” like… “the wizarrrrddd”? Haha! I love this album. This is your standard classic doom/stoner metal music. Seeing them LIVE IS A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL oh my god… it was beyond any hope I had for the night. If you haven’t seen them… do it! Do it before you die. You cannot love doom/stoner music and NOT see this band. It is not allowed (lol!). Now that weed is legal in some parts of the US they’re coming back more often for shows and I’m planning on seeing them as many times as possible! There’s only two ways I’ll stop blasting this shit: one is death, the other is …death. I feel like I could pull it off in a mental institution HAHAHA!!!

You can purchase all Electric Wizard shit here!!



Another classic favorite of mine has got to be Acid King. Yet, ANOTHER band I was blessed to see/photograph live (starting to see a pattern here?) a coupe of times. The lead singer seriously looks like my first boyfriend’s mom.. you know… except covered in tattoos and a million times cooler. Not gonna lie, I was fucked up the first time I saw them live and actually thought it was her for a second (lol!!!). Like “Wow! She really changed after she divorced that fat, drunk idiot she was married to! Wait no… that’s… a different person entirely.. ok.” I had to tell her about it — we had a good laugh. But beyond the funny moments, this band is beyond stellar. You can’t help but to feel spacey as fuck while listening to it. Seductively intergalactic. I highly recommend this band to all stoner rock lovers.

You can check out and buy their music here via Bandcamp!



This is a NEW favorite! Recently discovered and definitely loved. Psychedelic stoner rock band Silver Devil’s self-titled album is the perfect morning mood playlist. Starts with a kick and keeps the party going throughout. I haven’t seen them live (duh? lol) but I will not pass up the chance! This is for the stoners who love to headbang with their music a little faster!

You can check out their music and purchase it here via Bandcamp!



If you’re looking for something more on the old school stoner/doom scale WITCH RITUAL would be a good choice for you. Alllll the way from Berlin, Germany this female-lead powerhouse voice pierces and writhes throughout slow, deep, dark chords. Another newly discovered favorite. I need to do another WITCHY PLAYLIST post just so I can promote this album even more!

You can discover more of their music here on their Bandcamp page!


Okay there you have it! Thanks for clicking. Now…. it’s strippers and tequila time! See ya!

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