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Deranged, disgusting, depraved… I fucking love me some DEATHGRAVE. Formed in 2013, DEATHGRAVE has been making deathgrind/punk music and scaring patrons in the heart of San Jose and the rest of the bay area. I remember seeing them for the first time at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland a couple years ago. It was right when I had started reading William S. Burroughs’ ‘Junky’ (1950’s NYC life as a full blown drug addict/alcoholic). Prior to reading the book, I hadn’t noticed too much of the city grime and decaying faces while I was living in San Francisco (weird eh?). After I had begun reading, I started to see it all… used needles in the street, hollowed eyes glazed with sorrow, slow walking souls lost at midnight… DEATHGRAVE‘s music is the embodiment of this book, and their performance is the perfect mirror image.


DEATHGRAVE continues to tour in support of their So Real, It’s Now debut, released last year via Tankcrimes. Hailed by Decibel for being a, “kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness,” the fourteen-track bruiser was captured at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (Necrot, Autopsy) by guitarist/renowned sound engineer Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea).

So Real, It’s Now is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Digital orders are available at THIS LOCATION where the record can be streamed in its entirety. Find physical orders HERE.

If you haven’t seen this band live, do yourself a favor and hit up one of these shows. I juuuuust might hit up my hometown of Sacramento… that line-up looks pretty juicy. Check out the dates below!


7/17/2019 1078 – Chico, CA w/ Voyeur, TBA
7/18/2019 The Space – Salem, OR w/ Shrine Of The Serpent, Drouth, Tithe
7/19/2019 Highline Bar – Seattle, WA w/ Disease, Impulse Noise, Nightfeeder, Unholy Trident
7/20/2019 Cobra Lounge – Portland, OR w/ Grave Dust, Hacksaw, Human Effluence
7/21/2019 The Boxcar @ BBCRC – Weed, CA w/ Otoplasty, TBA
7/22/2019 The Sirens Song – Eureka, CA w/ Deathmode Trippers, Human Soup Bathtub
7/23/2019 Sign Of The Whale – Pt. Arena, CA w/ Middle Children
7/24/2019 The Colony – Sacramento, CA w/ Voyeur, Heck Dorlan, Fuming, XtomhanX, Legion Of Malice

+ 7/27/2019 House Gig (more info coming?) – San Jose, CA w/ Dipygus, Aseptic, Cult Graves, Voyeur

+ (NEW SHOW via Songkick) 7/28/2019 The Ritz – San Jose, CA w/ Coldclaw, Abstracter, Cult Graves



 “…a kaleidoscopic and engrossing mix of traditional brutality and audacious weirdness, razor-sharp punk-infused deathgrind riffs and dissonant noise rock detours, high velocity jabs from an orthodox stance and crafty sucker punches you never see coming…” — Decibel

“Incorporating crust and never shying away from a slower doom break or a straight-up hardcore stomp, DEATHGRAVE’s latest effort So Real, It’s Now is definitely more unique than the legions of post-Assück or Napalm worship. The Autopsy influence looms large, as do names like Grief, Doom, Siege, Spazz, and much more across the under thirty minutes and fourteen-tracks.” — Revolver

 “…a wonderfully relentless slab of punky death grind that is as fun as it is furious” — Last Rites

 “You can smell the bile, taste the puke, and love every second of it.” — Metal Wanderlust

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