I’ve been jamming to 3TEETH‘s METAWAR for five days now. It is undoubtedly the album America needs — an unyielding tale of a media-filled empire and all of the disease that comes with it. Without a doubt this is 3TEETH‘s best album to date. With everything that’s going on in the world (mainly America), every artist has gone political in one way or another. But not everyone has effectively and uniquely captured the true horror of living in a country where the news is the least reliable source. AS a person whose main job is media… it’s refreshing.

I, a journalist, can’t help but side with Alexis’ view on society, and confirm his worst fears. Yes, journalism has gone down the shitter. Yes, news REALLY IS about sensationalism. Yes, the media are actually trained (in college and on the job) to scare the fuck out of you to garner your attention for ratings, views, etc so that the advertisements on their outlet will get their money’s worth. Yes, the media are a bunch of fear mongering assholes that will only dance for the highest bidder while the world burns. And this is why I became a journalist… to kill off this propaganda parade. And it looks like I’m not alone in this.


“I wasn’t writing for the left or the right or anything like that,” Mincolla says. “I just wanted to write stuff that reflected the whole insane, absurdist political theater and wrap it all up in this nihilistic approach of bringing it all to an end. There’s something really rewarding about creating this funhouse mirror that we’re holding up to things like the military-industrial complex. You warp it in this sardonic way and reflect it back at people – it’s like sucking the poison out of the mass-production society and then spitting it back in its own fucking face.”

“This was the first record where we weren’t working side jobs and just getting together on free time and cobbling together a record,” Mincolla says. “We put our total focus into this and that helped us find our real sound and hone it. We self-produced our first two albums, and that was cool, but having a producer as experienced as Sean to help push us really brought out our best. And we had a fucking blast.”


In the middle of all this beautiful madness, a character is born — President X. A human-lizard hybrid who claims that they can lead America in the right direction. Covered with scales and slogans, red from the accumulation of red flags we regularly ignore. Who is this person? Some speculate it’s That Random Unqualified Moronic President. Others think it’s a parody of someone new. But ultimately… he’s every politician.

“We’re really trying to find a weird space in between everything else that is maybe anti-systemic, that isn’t on the left or the right, and is underrepresented,” Mincolla says. “On ‘PRESIDENT X,’ we’re not making fun of President Trump. We’re making fun of every president. It doesn’t make a difference who the president is. It’s all the same bullshit.”


“’PRESIDENT X’ is about an arbitrary figure head that will continue to be replaced, repositioned and repackaged to maintain an illusion of choice and difference in a system that operates on auto-pilot,” explains singer Alexis Mincolla. “As the administration pendulum swings back and forth in our bi-partisan shit show, you basically get a new leader who comes in with the goal of undoing what the last guy did, continuing this cycle of futility.”

The album itself is fuckin sick — an industrial Rage Against The Machine. Musically, 3TEETH hits various styles of Industrial Metal while sticking to the sound we came to recognize and love. Songs like “Sell Your Face 2.0” and “Bornless” come with catchy hooks and vital meanings. Pungent reminders of our own daily hypocrisies. My personal favorite being the cover of “Pumped Up Kicks”. Ironically, the song sounds less deranged to me since the melody and lyrics match this time around.


“You might love it or you might hate it,” Mincolla says. “The point is to formulate your own opinion because you’re never going to get anything at face value anymore. We live in a post-information age where there’s a mutation chamber of identity politics that’s so pungent it’s next to impossible to extrapolate any real information about anything.”

“Our whole thing is about condemning our eyes in so many ways,” concludes Mincolla. “We’ve gotten to the point where even if you see something with your own eyes it doesn’t mean what you’re seeing is real, or maybe it’s just one side of reality. In the end, I think I just want people to think harder and to realize that if you’re not contradicting yourself with whatever you’re doing, you’re probably not thinking hard enough.”

You can catch 3TEETH on tour this summer either in Europe with Ministry or in the US! Check out their tour dates below and be sure to check out their videos for “AFFLUENZA”“EXXXIT”, “AMERICAN LANDFILL”, and “PRESIDENT X”!

METAWAR will be released July 5th via Century MediaMETAWAR pre-orders, which include an immediate download of “AMERICAN LANDFILL” and “EXXXIT” are available NOW!!!

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3TEETH Tour Dates:

July 15  Salt Lake City, UT  Metro Music Hall
July 16  Denver, CO  Marquis Theater
July 18  Lincoln, NE  Bourbon Theatre
July 19  Kansas City, MO  Riot Room
July 20  St. Louis, MO  Fubar
July 22  Minneapolis, MN  Studio B @ Skyway Theatre
July 23  Madison, WI  High Noon Saloon
July 24  Chicago, IL  Reggies Rock Club
July 25  Detroit, MI  El Club
July 26  Columbus, OH  A&R Music Bar
July 28  Montreal, QC  Heavy Montreal
July 29  Toronto, ON  Velvet Underground
July 31  Boston, MA  Brighton Music Hall
August 1  New York, NY  Bowery Ballroom
August 2  Philadelphia, PA  Voltage Lounge
August 3  Baltimore, MD  Baltimore Sound Stage
August 4  Chapel Hill, NC  Local 506
August 5  Nashville, TN  Exit/In
August 7  Atlanta, GA  The Masquerade (Hell)
August 8  New Orleans, LA  The Parish at House of Blues
August 9  Houston, TX  Scout Bar
August 10  Dallas, TX  Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
August 11  Austin, TX  Empire Control Room
August 14  Tucson, AZ  191 Toole
August 15  Phoenix, AZ  The Rebel Lounge
August 16  San Diego, CA  Brick by Brick
August 17  Los Angeles, CA  Teragram Ballroom
August 18  San Francisco, CA  Slim’s




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