New YOB Patch Raises Money for Anti-Sexual Violence Organization RAINN

A few months ago I went to a YOB show and neglected to grab a patch on the way out (lifetime regrets). They’ve been sold out since then. Luckily I happened by an Instagram post by YOB about NEW PATCHES! They’ve teamed up with patch maker “PatchUp Projects” via Instagram to raise money for RAINN, an anti-sexual violence organization.

They are the largest organization to have their own hotline to help sexual assault survivors at 1-(800)-656-4673. So, not only are you getting a badass patch, you’re helping hundreds of thousands of sexual assault survivors.

There are only 50 patches total and apparently will not be made again (limited edition). You can choose from three different borders: yellow, blue, or green and they’re only €6 ($6.83 USD). They take PayPal so no worries! Just contact them via Facebook and let them know what you want.

I’m already getting mine (blue border), so hurry up and get yours before they sell out!



Keep up with designer @Patchup_Projects on Instagram and Facebook to find out if there will be more!

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