#ThrillKillThursday: You Might Be The Killer


I mean, yeah I’ve been in a weird situation before where I had to call my best friend for advice… but this is next level. Sam the mild mannered camp counselor has one hell of a night and calls his best friend Chuck (a chick who’s a fellow gore whore that knows everything about horror movies) for help.

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Covered in blood, wielding a crazy knife, and holding an evil mask Sam discovers that maybe… he’s the one that’s killing off all of the camp counselors. Everything seems to be pointing to the obvious, although he’s having trouble remembering. With Chuck as his ghoulish guide, Sam slowly recalls every hellish detail and comes up with a plan to stop the killings entirely.

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This awesome movie starring FRAN KRANZ and ALYSON HANNIGAN can be found on SHUDDER and it’s an exclusive feature so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. It’s def a new favorite of mine. Watch it and tell me what you think on my Instagram post!



Check out the trailer below!




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