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WITCHY SHIT: Communication Spells with Full Gemini Moon

Happy Gemini Moon everyone! It’s going to be one hell of a Friday night on November 23rd! The Gemini sign is an air sign which is placed on the east point of any magic circle. This is the point of the rising sun (sunrise), and signifies things like: freedom, restlessness, travel, big ideas, new beginnings, and most of all communication. This would be a good time to focus on new projects, going to new places/trying new things, and how to communicate with those closest to you/opening up old friendships.

Altar Add-Ons

The air sign Gemini calls for wings of flight (so to speak). If you have or find any feathers add them to your altar! If you cat is crazy and likes to hunt (and bury things in your garden until you find it while planting new crops), place whatever bird bones or skulls you find on your altar too.

Essential oils: sandalwood, juniper, and lavender.

Incense: Frankincense

Crystals: Clear quartz, Obsidian, Smokey quartz, and Fluorite.

Candles: Black (Banishing), Yellow (Intellect), Orange (Creativity), Blue (Peace), Purple (Intuition)

Moon Magic

With the Gemini Moon highlighting communication, it’s important to know who you wish to reach out to, and whom you want to avoid (preferably forever). If there’s someone in your life who’s hardcore bugging — be it an ex or just some guy who’s annoying you, this is the perfect moon to get rid of them and cut off all communication. Mystical ghosting as it were.

Whether you want to bring someone closer or push them away, always remember to make sure that this is what you want to do. I don’t pull this sort of thing lightly. If someone is putting my emotional/mental health at risk, they always get the banishing spell. If it’s something that can be helped and is worth the trouble, I reach out to them after blessing my mission to communicate with them. Do NOT use your heart for this question. Gemini is an air sign of intellect, so use your head. Weigh out the pros and cons and be objective. This is your new beginning going forward…


Banish That Bitch

So you’ve decided that this person is trash and you need them out of your life. This is the perfect moon to kick them out of your life so you can breathe a little more easily. There’s a few things you can do beyond blocking someone on Facebook or their texts.

The best/most effective way is to have a photograph of this person (but who has those anymore). If you want, you can print one out, or use your most valuable asset — your mind. When using your mind for the visual effect, write their name out on a piece of paper as well (you need something tangible). Either you can visualize tape going over their mouth or physically place tape over their mouth in the photograph (IN THE PHOTOGRAPH… no kidnapping lol).

When you begin this you should already be in that blissful meditative state (however long it takes you to get there… no worries). Your mind needs to be clear so you can focus all of your energy into this. After the mouth is taped, either mentally or physically put their photo/name in an envelope like you’re sending them away (cause you are), and seal it.

Place this  down and focus on a phrase of banishment — something along the lines of: “I banish thee from communicating; never shall you speak to me”. Whatever feels more powerful for you to repeat, keep repeating it until satisfied (you’ll know when). After you’re done, burn the envelope and continue to meditate until satisfied.


Opening Communication

If you’ve decided to reach out to that person and want to open the lines of communication, that’s great! More likely than not, you’re going to be doing two different spells tonight. One will be to open up and bless a conversation that is apparently long overdue between you and the subject. Another will be to bless your tongue and your mind so you don’t ruin this relationship all over again by being… you. We all have a hard time talking about our feelings, and we all need a little extra help once in a while.

What you’ll need to do in order to bless the conversation you intend to have, is to start with your own communication tools…



So you suck at talking about important feelings… big deal. We all suck at something. Blessing your tongue and your communicative mind will enhance your ability and confidence to efficiently speak to this certain someone. Whether you need to bury the hatchet instead of embedding it into their skull or stop being such a cute little “shyby” (shy baby), start there.

The main thing is to stay as relaxed and as calm as possible. Focus on your tongue and your mind while meditating. Forgive yourself for being human, but take control of your responsibility to make your voice known and truthful. Keep your mind open and clear and stay as positive-minded as possible.


Blessing The Path 

Bless your path by taking a piece of paper and writing down what you want to say. You don’t need to write everything, but the more the merrier! And remember to be as daringly honest as possible. You need to be as open as possible or this isn’t going to work. Write down everything you dare not think aloud and simply read it. Envision yourself saying this to the person until you can see it clear as day without any anxiety. If you find yourself becoming uneasy — breathe, and try again from the beginning while chanting a quiet mantra to yourself.

Take the letter you wrote with everything you wanted to say and burn it along with a bird feather tucked inside. Keep meditating  (and chanting) over the thought of talking to this person (and it actually going well) until you feel satisfied.

When you feel completely clear-minded with clarity, and confidence… you’ve completed your spell casting!

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