Woman Raped At Foo Fighter Show; No One Does A Thing

Last night a 23-year old woman was followed into a port-a-potty and raped at a Foo Fighter show… and it could have been PREVENTED. One would ask, “How?”. Well let’s check the facts here! Turns out that before she was raped, the woman was groaped by this 40-50 year old, balding bastard while she was in line for food. As a woman, I know she didn’t get groaped quietly. Something was said. She either screamed, or said “what the fuck?!”… something. IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED THERE. It really shouldn’t have ever started, but it should have ended at that moment. I’ve been in line for food at a music show — LOTS of people around more often than not. Best case scenario, I’d be behind 2-3 people. What the fuck did they do to help? Nothing. Not a thing. No one paid attention to her scream, or thwarting gestures towards this creep. And there it was… permission. Permission because he just got away with grabbing on a strange woman, and nothing bad came of it. So why not go further?

What I want to know is… why didn’t they do ANYTHING? I’ve been groaped at a show before and you know what? He got punched in the #MFKN throat. Never saw him again. Was he going to follow me to try and get me alone to do fuck knows what? Who knows now… but if he had the idea I knocked it out of him. Not all women are willing to go that far though, they don’t want to. They just want to chill and be chill, and they have every right to want and have that. Looking back, I do remember the people around me, saying nothing, doing nothing, so I had to take care of it myself. It’s called the bystander effect. Everyone is just standing around waiting for someone to do something. But no one is, because they’re ALL waiting for someone ELSE to do it. Sounds unreal, but it’s a real thing.

If he had been kicked out of that show after that disgusting act, she wouldn’t have been harmed any further. That’s the part I have a problem with… why was that scumbag allowed to stay? I don’t know who to blame first. The rapist. The people who did and said NOTHING. Rape culture — that a lot of men and women are okay with (hence why we have a rapist as a President).

Oh, GREAT news! He’s at large. Yeah, “no one noticed” some old disgusting older man following a GROWN young woman into a port-a-potty. And again, he did what he wanted and walked away. Currently the video footage from the show is being examined to catch this rapist… and I’m sure when they do he’ll be every bit as ugly as I’m imagining him in the mugshot.

Full Description (WATCH OUT CHICAGO):

About 5’9”; 40-50 years old; white male (I’m so shocked *eye roll*); with balding hair/receding hairline (el oh el).

The event happened at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Foo Fighters will be playing there again tonight. Since then the security has increased, but what woman feels secure when people aren’t willing to do anything when the time actually comes around? Some may say, “she should have…”, or “why didn’t she…”. They’re disgusting. It is in ABSOLUTELY NOT her fault in any way, shape, or form. At all. Ever. That is “rape culture” talking. Yes, blaming the victim for their own rape is rape culture… (duh?). And it’s also ridiculous. Why would someone invite a situation on purpose if they don’t want it? People who believe that someone putting up any kind of resistance really do want whatever they’re fighting off… are called psychopaths. And that is the mindset of a rapist. Rape culture… rapist. Connecting the dots yet?


Since some of you “don’t get it” (lies), I’ll break it down for ya:

If you won’t leave someone alone when they want nothing to do with you, that’s harassment.

If you touch someone in an aggressive or violent way, that’s assault (at the very least).

If you say lude/sexual things to someone who isn’t interested, that’s sexual harassment.

If you touch someone in a sexual way without their permission, that’s sexual assault (no matter HOW FAR it did or didn’t go).

And that last one… is an automatic FELONY.

Now here are the steps you need to take when you, your friends, someone you don’t know (we really need to take care of each other):

  1. Don’t let that shit slide. Take control and have someone hold him while someone else grabs a security guard and brings them over (teamwork people!!!).

That’s it. That’s the only step. Heaven forbid the security guard that was brought into the situation is also a creep and doesn’t care to boot/arrest the offender. If that happens, nonchalantly get their badge number and photograph of their face (you need to report two people now). GRAB another one and bring them over. Hopefully, you won’t need to reign in the entire security staff to get a decent one to do the right thing.

Fun little fact, you don’t need to be at a concert to stop a rapist. They’re everywhere. They snatch people from all over the place. They’re in your favorite bar touching on women who don’t want to be touched. They’re in their car driving slowly looking at women as they walk. They’re rushing women into their own houses as they’re opening the door to get in. We see the subtle, and the not-so-subtle things, and still we do/say nothing. Some do nothing so they can “mind their business” because they “don’t want any trouble. Trouble has already arrived. Just because they’re not on you doesn’t mean it’s not really an issue. It shouldn’t be that way. And don’t think that women are the only ones who are raped. THEY. ARE. NOT. Look out for others.

When you see a creep making someone uncomfortable and that someone is too intimidated to speak up (or they are and it’s not working), STEP UP! Get between the creep and their target. Yell at them. Tell someone. DO something. The fact that we are taught to yell “fire” instead of “rape” when being raped… says it all, and that needs to change.

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