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Rob Zombie Doubts Slayer’s Plan To Retire

Heavy metal singer Rob Zombie spoke with Jason Rockman of CHOM 97.7 radio station and shared his thoughts about rock and metal band’s retirements. He said:

“I don’t think anyone ever thought they would be doing it this long. Just a couple of days ago, I was hanging out with Alice Cooper, ’cause he was at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and I just dropped by to say hi. He’s 70, and he has no plans of retiring. I mean, Jesus Christ, Jerry Lee Lewis hasn’t even retired yet.

No rock guys have ever retired — they just… they died; that’s why they retired. And when I hear, ‘Oh, Slayer are retiring,’ I go, ‘No fucking way! No way!’ They think they wanna be home and have a life. After two years, they’re gonna go cuckoo and they’re gonna be back on the road.

That’s what we’re all built for — we’re all crazy and we need to do this. And I don’t know why. And I don’t see any retirement ever. We’ll keep going until we can’t go anymore.

The only time I said I would retire is when I thought I just can’t do it anymore and you know you’re not good — you know the shows aren’t good, you know you can’t bring it,” he added. “But until then, yeah. And time goes by fast, too.”

Let’s hope he’s right. None of us want to see Slayer go. But just incase this REALLY IS the end of Slayer, be sure to get your tickets to one of their upcoming shows!

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