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Seedless In Seattle: Riding The Pineapple Express

Seattle is the land of flannel, 90’s grunge, and rainy days. I’ve lived in California my entire life and that being said I’ve always believed we have the best bud. Damn, was I wrong… I spent most of my time smoking way more THC than my body could probably absorb.




Prior to going I hadn’t done much research on recreational cannabis laws or how the recreational storefronts operate- I was ill prepared for what was in store. My adorable mother was a little canna-angel and read up on the best cannabis storefronts to visit in the area.

Considering our flight landed at 8 AM I was sure we’d have to wait around before experiencing any types of Gardens of Weeden but by some miracle there was a place open. This fabulous and well-stocked store was none other than Kush21, who proudly markets themselves as the closest dispensary to the Sea-Tac Airport. Not only were they open but they were already hosting a discount happy hour from 8-10 in the morning. I saw strains that I had only read about on Leafly or in High Times! I straight salivated when I saw the kief covered, oil doused joints and a particular strain called Exodus Cheese.




I snagged a couple of joints and a half ounce of that sweet Exodus Cheese and set onto be a stoner in Seattle. I only had a day of eating and exploring Pike’s Place Market before the plague got to me. The entire weekend I stayed in our AirBnB and indulged on the concentrate heavy joints along with some hand rolled doobs of the Exodus Cheese. Fast forward two days and that half ounce was gone so we looked around for another dispensary to visit. We found a lovely store called Have a Heart and they offered me an entirely new marijuana experience. There are cannabis specialists, holding their pens and pads, walking around the display cases, offering strong advice while also giving you the space needed to decide on your purchase. When I finally did make my decision I told these wandering specialist what I wanted and was given a slip with my order that I then took to the front desk.


Compared to the dispensaries I’ve been to in the Bay this system worked so efficiently. There was a minimal line and folks were still able to ask all the questions they wanted. I appreciated this so much because I hate feeling any type of pressure to decide quickly when I’m shopping. I happily grabbed a few more Goldfingers (as the brand was called) and an eighth of some sweet and true Pineapple Express to indulge in for the final nights. I had only purchased standard pre-rolls from Kush21 the first day so this time I made sure to grab two different types of concentrate heavy joints- one brand had it’s kief and oil on the inside while the other brand had it on the outside. I honestly noticed little difference in effects but the joint that actually contained the kief and oil did burn smoother. All in all I would definitely go back to Seattle just to experience their Kush Kulture all over again. 



Story By Emjay Mercury


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