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Netflix + Thrill: 5 Underrated Horror Movies With Badass Female Leads




Definitely not for the faint of heart, Raw is a beautifully gory coming of age story about two sisters at a boarding school for budding veterinarians. Even though they come from a family of vegetarians, they both begin to develop a taste for a certain kind of meat. The film does an excellent job at portraying the brutal life of being a modern teenager, with a nice heaping dose of cannibalistic gore. But even if that’s not totally your thing, the film’s haunting score and edgy aesthetic definitely makes it worth the watch.





Gerald’s Game

Have you ever wanted to plan a sexy getaway with you and your partner in a beautiful, secluded house in the woods? Not anymore! Gerald’s Game is a cautionary tale about how kinky play in the bedroom can go horribly wrong. Not only does this film inspire the disturbing feeling of urgency and claustrophobia, it also presents an ominous twist that may keep you up at night. The dialogue and the acting are superbly executed, and they even threw in a particularly bloody sequence for all of the gore fans out there!





Imagine your home is being broken into by a homicidal psychopath. Now imagine that you can only rely on your sight and sense of touch to defeat said psychopath. Hush takes your average home invasion thriller and presents a wicked twist that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire film. The use of (or lack thereof) sound of this film adds a unique dimension of suspense, and the end sequences will definitely have you screaming at your screen in anticipation.





Complete with a warning preceding the film regarding its “flashing lights” and “hallucinatory images”, this film takes you on a wild ride through the eyes of a caretaker to a mysterious old mansion in New York. While the dialogue is a bit lacking, the film inspires a sense of claustrophobia and anxiety as you watch the main character slowly descend into madness throughout the film’s chapters. Even as the credits roll, you’ll be wondering what the hell (literally) just happened.





The Eyes of My Mother

Similar to Darling, you aren’t quite sure who to root for in this artsy macabre drama that takes place on a secluded farm. While you are tempted to empathize with the protagonist, as the film progresses you may start to feel a bit… Conflicted. This film offers a fresh take on the traditional narrative style of horror movies and it’s unique editing style forces your brain to fill in the gaps as you try to mentally navigate what you are witnessing. As disturbing as it is, you can’t help but feel a little compassion for the film’s homicidal maniac.


Story by Barbie Bloodgloss


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