It’s Okay If You Stayed Home Last Night

I’m pretty sure you’re doing the same thing that I am right now. On Facebook or Instagram and looking at pictures of all of your awesome friends in their gorgeous garbs and out on the town… and now you feel bad that you decided to stay in. Happens every time right? Well don’t feel bad for being an introvert this year (or for the past few years). Sometimes you have more fun when you’re alone. As for myself? I stayed at home and (finally) signed up for SHUDDER.com (a Netflix-style website for horror and thriller movies) and pretty much disappeared into my laptop. Just remember that you don’t HAVE to go out just because it’s a holiday. In fact, here’s a list of reasons why I stayed in last night; let’s see if ours match up!


1. Driving

I refuse. And I’m too cheap to Uber or LYFT.


2. Drunk People Annoy The F**k Out Of Me

-sigh- I don’t feel like getting into a fight because some drunk b*tch thought I stepped on her shoe (when it was really one of her girlfriends). I also don’t feel like getting into a fight because some drunk a**hole decides to put his hands on me, and I decide to put my hands on him… in a different way. All I’m going to do is run and hide from every drunk person in sight while quietly thinking “please don’t talk to me, please don’t talk to me, please don’t… ahh sh*t”.


3. Too Lazy To Get Sexy

I’m tired. And if I’m to go out, I’m going to look a certain way. I’m too tired to look a certain way. This onesie is life and you can’t take me out of it.


4. No

Just… no.


5. I’m Saving My Money For Better Things

I have better things in mind with my money than paying for gas, cover fees from at least two different clubs (which will be JACKED UP higher because of the occasion), drinks (even if you bought a bottle, pregamed, and stumbled in… you still spent money on that bottle), and post-clubbing food. Not to mention if you need other party favors such as: pot, condoms, a new outfit cause you haven’t been out in forever and all of your clothes suck now… that all adds up. All for one night. I’m good.


6. Cops

I don’t feel like having a f*cking heart attack every time I see a cop behind my car whether I’m doing something wrong or not.


7. I’d Rather Spend Time With My Cat

Well, my mom’s cat. I hardly see him these days. Also, I don’t like people that much. And I definitely don’t like them more than my cat.


8. My REM Cycle

I have lost contact with my REM cycle and we need to get reacquainted.


9. I Have A Chance To Be Productive Instead

I am a creative type, but I’m also trying my hand at business (heaven help me), so time is of the essence. Spending time on reading an article that was sent in to me, or editing a photo set seems like a wise (and more fun) choice to me. If I went out I’d just be thinking about the work I should be doing anyways.


10. I Have More Fun Alone

I always have. Natural born loner. Not to say that I don’t have fun around others, but I truly have the most fun when I’m by myself.


11. My Beautiful Friends

Although I didn’t go out last night, I didn’t have to. My friends did it for me. They got out of their onesie, showered, changed, and left for a beautiful night that I will have for my own one day (just not right now). If you’re looking through your friend’s photos wishing you had a night of your own, remember the fun you had being alone. Until the day comes that you and I bump into each other while out on the town, we can love and live through our more adventurous friends for the time being.


Maybe one day they’ll be living through you… who knows.

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