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Smoking With EAZE

Kush Kulture is something best described as alive. It is constantly changing and updating, especially here in the bay area. Over the years there has been a significant rise and fall of various cannabis related companies ranging from collectives, dispensaries, and even some nurseries. Of the few that endured all the law changes, both state and local, there is one that stands out: Berkeley Patients Group. Located off San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, CA they pride themselves in being the longest established dispensary in California offering a magnitude of medical grade products for patients to choose from. I frequent this place for my concentrate needs- they have a fridge full of live resins, rosins, and waxes that all vary in price. There’s no doubt your wallet will be content when you’re done with your visit. One of many lovely things about BPG is that they have anything for any budget. Your “dispensary specialists” – as they are titled- are not trained to be salespeople. They are trained to the highest standards in order to offer the most accurate advice possible when it comes to selecting your medicine, including in depth training courses and certification from the Cannabis Training Institute. I would recommend BPG any day for those beautiful patients who are ballin’ on a budget.

I have fond memories of Berkeley Patients Group’s former location. When I first got my recommendation in 2010 it was the first and most memorable dispensary I went to. At their previous location there was a smoking lounge where one could rent from the selection of volcanoes and bongs galore. Unfortunately new laws made rooms like this damn near impossible to have anymore. Oddly enough I have found some dab bars still operating in Oakland but nothing that compares to the smoking lounge of BPG’s old location. Cannabis has come a long way since then which leads me to my next method of acquisition- delivery services. I just wanna smoke where I stand (or sit) sometimes, ya know?

As of lately I will admit to using more delivery services because of the lazy stoner that I am. Even more so now because for awhile there was no way to use your credit card or debit card with cannabis delivery services, but Eaze changed that game. Considering Eaze’s selection-  if you are looking for the higher quality bud you better be sure your bank account is prepared to surrender more than you might be accustomed to compared to the good ol’ weed man or dispensaries like BPG. It is, however, well worth it for the artisanal grade cannabis and packaging that you receive. It’s important to note that this is a service for someone who is going to need at least a few days to make it through an eighth. I can only laugh since I am someone who can and will go through an eighth in 6-8 hours, depending on whether or not it is a work day. They also offer delicious edible treats, topicals, oral drops, cartridges for those fancy (and sneaky) vape pens everyone is smoking on nowadays, and more. Ultimately, using Eaze has resulted in more charges to my debit card but has seriously lessened my usual half day trips to the ATM and dispensary.


My goal is to be a more active stoner this upcoming year, so be prepared to see more reviews on the cannadventures of Emjay at dispensaries throughout the bay area.


Emjay Mercury is a celebrated Drag King located in the Bay Area, often found performing with The Rebel Kings in Oakland.

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