Hey everyone! I finally got to see HOLY FAWN in concert! And of course they’ve been touring with some killer bands that compliment their amazing sound. First up was GRIVO — a shoegaze stoner rock band from Austin, Texas who’s third album ‘Omit’ was released in January of this year. Their style was very aloof with a luminous vibration that was very calming. Next up we had SOM! SOM is a dreampop/post-rock band from New York who has an intriguing quality to their performance — alluring and intense. Their latest release ‘The Shape of Everything’ also came out in January of this year (nice!). And last but certainly not least we had HOLY FAWN from Phoenix, Arizona! HOLY FAWN is a blackened shoegaze metal band who’s been making music since 2015 and who’s recently unveiled their new album ‘Dimensional Bleed’. I couldn’t even photograph them during my favorite song “Candy” — I was way too mesmerized and excited! In all, the performance was immaculate. Being there — seeing them play the music I’ve been listening to was an experience that I need to have again soon! Big thanks to Liz from EARSPLIT PR! Check out some of my favorite photos from the night below.

Ohhh yeah… today is BANDCAMP FRIDAY! Get your butt on Bandcamp and buy that album you’ve been eyeballin’! All of the money goes to the bands!



*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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