I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs, burlesque shows, and red-light rooms… and I just LOVE it when I see dancers (especially my friends) perform to metal. However, it’s like they only know “that one Deftones’ song”, and it makes me sad (that’s usually what they tell me). There’s so many other songs to choose from with Deftones, it’s crazy that they keep using “Change (in the house of flies)”. Mind you, it’s the sexiest song… ever, and it DOES make you want to take your clothes off. But! There are still some other amazing songs they can dance to. I guess I can think of this list as an “If I Were A Dancer That Only Performed To Deftones” list, but I’m making this for all of my dancer friends (AHEM!). So next time I come through I want to see some new dance moves to these (then I can throw all of my money at you)! I’ll go in order by album so you can keep up…


Adrenaline (1995)

This is known as Deftones’ most unhinged album recorded. Little do most people know that this isn’t as hardcore and raw as their demo Like Linus. And yes kiddies, it’s out there. Took me all night searching the Internet, burning my eyes out, but I found it years ago. No idea where so I couldn’t tell ya (sorry). But if you’re looking for something raw and heavy with bass, this album would be a good choice for you. Adrenaline is exactly what it sounds like. A raspy, hardcore album full of impulsiveness and rage. This one is for my alternative girls who like to scare as much as they seduce while flinging blood onstage. Here are my favorites that I’d definitely dance to:

side note: I’d do the “cry baby” twerk on the ground to the breakdown (@2:43) on this one… I already have.

Around The Fur (1997)

There’s honestly only one song from Around The Fur that’d I’d dance to… and that’s “Head Up” (my favorite). It’s basically everything I wish to embody… with my body. It may be a turn on or just plain terrifying, but either way this is the one.

White Pony (2000)

The infamous album White Pony has been the favorite of most who encounter this amazing band. With “Change (in the house of flies)” being a featured track, it couldn’t do anything but become popular. Although I do love “Change”.. it’s time for a change. White Pony is chalk full of songs that range from sensual to savage (and a mix of the two). Here’s some other songs from the same album that are definitely strip-tease-worthy:

Self-Titled (2003)

Deftones’ 4th album has a bit more melodic energy than the others before it, which was the start of something beautiful. Slowed down or raging like mad, this album has some good tracks to choose from. This has more of an emotional feel to it (especially with “Deathblow”), and still just as powerful. Another few tracks for my alternative dancers who want to seduce a little more than they scare their audience. These three are some serious gems to consider adding to your dancer playlist.

B-Sides & Rarities (2005)

Another unknown album to those who don’t know Deftones all that well. B-Sides & Rarities has all the covers, the acoustic versions, and the unknown (but collected) works of Deftones from 1995 up until the year this came out. Savage. Most don’t know about the acoustic version of “Change (in the house of flies)” or Deftones’ cover of Sade’s classic “No Ordinary Love”. Like I said before, there’s plenty to choose from (if you actually look), but I did it for you! So check these out and see if you’d use them for your next performance!

Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

THE MOST overlooked Deftones’ album… ever. Just put the whole album on. But really, these are my most favorite songs from Deftones period (favorite album) and I can’t believe I haven’t seen anyone use these songs during a routine yet! Anyway, these are more energetic and melodic; heavy and raw all at once (aside from U,U,D,D,.. which is just it’s own flavor of amazing). I desperately need to see someone strip tease to this album (esp U,U,D,D..). This is a lighter side of Deftones that is ripe with unused/rarely used songs that give a whole new meaning to the word “sexy”.

Diamond Eyes (2010)

For some reason everyone “knows” Diamond Eyes but can’t name any songs other than “Sextape” (…the fuck?). Anyway, this album came out and we all went crazy. The first time I saw Deftones live was for their Diamond Eyes Tour (it was amazing as usual). This album is equal parts old school savage Deftones, and the newer, more euphoric sounds they’ve adapted to. It was an album that reminded people why Deftones are at the top of the food chain in the metal game (just in case they forgot). This album has plenty to choose from, but these are my top picks for my dancer friends.

Koi No Yokan (2012)

This is my 2nd favorite Deftones album! Koi No Yokan is very reminiscent of their Saturday Night Wrist days wherein the songs continue to deliver the punch we all expect while experimenting with their original sound. Songs like “Rosemary” and “Goon Squad” really test the boundaries between hard hitting riffs and sensual sounds. If you’re looking for something badass but still on the sweet side, these songs will definitely hit the spot. All you need is some bomb sativa and a notepad… I guarantee that you’ll be neck deep in ideas.

Gore (2016)

Gore is a boundary pusher for Deftones. I can’t really compare Gore to any album before it. With this latest release, there’s plenty of opportunity for some strange and new ideas for a routine. For my stripper/porn star friends who’re all about that “fuck love; get money” life… I highly recommend “Phantom Bride” (it was basically written for you). Another would be “(L)MIRL” which is centered around the same themes but sounds dark in the beginning and blossoms into a dreamlike state. These songs are perfect to challenge yourself and capture your audience with!

OHMS (2020)

This is the latest installment of the Detones’ saga — definitely branching out into their own sound and mixing it up with different techniques.  OHMS is the kind of album you want to use if you’re looking for something more in the indie/metal side. The original Deftones element isn’t left out of the album at all (despite the nay-sayers). They have intertwined themselves with raw energy and dark melody throughout.

Okay people… there you have it. I’ve been talking about making this list for you all and I’ve finally done it! Now go forth and shake!


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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