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KUSH KULT: Editor’s Picks (MARCH Edition)

This month has been extremely crazy and stressful, so I’ve been trying find some Blue Dream while staying in Sacramento. I usually don’t have any problem finding it, but I guess I wasn’t the only one having a weird month. Instead of finding Blue Dream, I ended up finding different strands that work just as well, with their OWN little goofy side effects as well.

#3: Golden Goat




Strand: Hybrid/Sativa (H/S)

This strand is good for a mood shifter. I was pretty relaxed after having some. Earthy, and tangy, but sweet in smell and taste. I would definitely recommend this for stress relief. It’s a good strand for chilling after a long day at work.



#2: Lemon Tree/Lemon Jack



Strand: Sativa (S)

This is basically how I feel after having some of Lemon (anything). Lemon Tree would def be my first pick from the two, but both are good.  This is a SERIOUS mood elevator with a sunburst of goofy energy. I would have this in the morning shower to start my day on the right track or after having a really bad day (at work or in general). Heavy in the citrus scent, this strand cannot be mistaken for any other.



#1: Double Dream



Strand: Hybrid/Sativa (H/S)

This is the strand you want to chill with some music that’s heavy in the bass. *Deftones’ Diamond Eyes Album on BLAST* It’s a mix of Blue Dream and Dream Star which is responsible for that rhythmic vibration. Good for relaxing with some feel good energy and euphoria. Good strand to share with lovers. Sweet berry smelling and thick, by far this is my favorite strand, even MORE so than Blue Dream.


Keep puffin’ everyone!





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