I’ve been going through a lot of bands and their EPs, new song releases and whatnot for a while and I keep coming back to the same question when I get to a track called (something like) “complete dismemberment of a woman”. Is this a band, or a bunch of woman-hating incels that kill women? Rap (rhythm and poetry) artists have been notoriously famous for bragging about doing illegal things on their songs and getting arrested for it later. With that in mind, looking at some of these song titles, lyrics, and whatnot — it’s making me wonder if this is fantasy (what kind of fucking fantasy is that?), or a horrifying reality.

Some guys would say, “it’s just a song, what’s the big deal?” — cause there’s no song out there called “turning your dick into swiss cheese with buck shot”. And even if there is (link me, wtf), the hatred is primarily towards women. You’ve seen questionable cover art (don’t act like you haven’t) with naked, bleeding dead bodies of women or even having sex with some demonic creature. To be honest, some of it looks pretty cool, but in other cases like women being pulled a part while screaming — not so great. As a bisexual woman, I’ve obviously dated women before — didn’t go so well, but I didn’t think about dismemberment or murder. Mostly this kind of crap ends up in goregrind or similar variations (probably cause we can’t hear the fucked up shit they’re saying), and it’s not a popular sub-genre so no one really talks about it. I’ll talk about it. I like goregrind. I like that’s its gritty and disgusting and that they have these song titles that sound like diseases. “Infestation”-this and “decomposing”-that — totally fine, nothing wrong here. But when they start talking about killing women… I’m cool off of that misogynistic shit.

Being frustrated with women is fine. Writing a song about it, yeah do it. Writing a song about how much you want to chop them up and play with the remains… creepy. Freedom of speech is an important thing and it’s one of the only things that makes America a cool place to be, but some things don’t need to be said, recorded, and put out for distribution. Like I said, I fucking love the gore in goregrind, but it doesn’t really need to be gender-specific (especially these days). As soon as I saw the title I thought, “why women specifically?”. It’s giving incel vibes. It seems like the only dudes that hate women are the ones that can’t get one, and there’s a reason why you can’t — your energy is weird. And some might be thinking, “but wait [insert possible-incel’s name here] has a girlfriend/is married” — BTK was married.

It’d be crazy to think that these songs are confessions of past events or future plans because it seems like it’s more about admitting to having/exploring dark felonious desires. These are bands I don’t want to see in person because I’d be eyeballing the crowd wondering if one of them is gonna take their music a little too seriously while I’m trying to make my way home after the show.

I’m issuing a challenge — make badass goregrind music (here’s the kicker) without the incel crap. You think you can do that? Cool. If you’re a goregrind band or anything near that sub-genre and you don’t make music about killing women email me! I would absolutely love to have you here for an interview and album review! Like I said, I love goregrind, and there’s plenty of other less disgusting things to write music about such as “oozing puss”, or “rectal bleeding”, or “dismembering a (non-gender-specific) body”– I’d rather headbang to that.

If you think you may be an incel but you’re not sure, then you need to read this. They fucking nailed it. Also, I’m sure there’s a way to get help for that.


Normally I post a picture of myself here and give a little wave but.. ehh.

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