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Hey everyone! So I’ve been stewing about this film since I saw it last night at the pre-premiere with the live Q&A post-film. I’m still shocked at what had happened and I’ve found an alternate ending that would have been better than what you’ll see at the theater. So buckle up fuckers, there’s going to be SPOILERS! DO NOT read this unless you’ve seen it. I’ve written a spoiler-free review here for those who don’t want to ruin it for themselves but want a little extra info on the movie. Alright, let’s go!

The Set-Up

So now that we all know Billy had a side chick and knocked her up twenty-five years ago, that is still the perfect introduction into a new chapter of Woodsboro. Sam, her sister Tara, and Tara’s friends are the perfect all-American horror genre lineup. You know the usual set up — group of friends with one of them as the killer, we all expect it. But what if the killer was someone we didn’t expect?

The Downfall of Dewey

In this latest Scream film, Sheriff Dewey is no longer Sheriff, no longer married to Gayle Weathers, and living as a recluse in the woods. I didn’t expect that — and I’m sure none if you did either (maybe a dark joke or two but then you realized it actually happened). And of course, the epic scene where he faces one of the killers alone and gets killed himself. We all held our breath until we saw the word “coroner” on the back of someone carrying out a body bag. I hated it so fucking much that he died. But if you’re gonna kill Dewey, make it worth something.

The Killers

The killers in this film weren’t super hard to figure out (even after a full joint to the face) — Sam’s “boyfriend” Richie and Tara’s “friend” Amber. A classic two-killer scenario that’s been done in the first, second, and fourth film. Now, I knew there were two killers from the VERY first scene when Tara got stabbed I just didn’t know who yet. But I wasn’t shocked since I had pegged the boyfriend for one of the killers when he was sliced in the arm and beaten up instead of stabbed to death. The other one seemed suspect throughout the movie, but it was when the inhaler was missing and Tara said she had to get to Amber’s to grab her spare — a loose plan, but it still worked. All in all, they got the job done, it just seemed a little sloppy and already done.

The Alternative Storyline

With a new killer on the loose disgraced ex-Sheriff Dewey is on the case — a mental case. He’s not quite himself these days. After the divorce from Gayle Weathers, losing his badge, and moving into a trailer away from society (but still in Woodsboro) he’s in pretty bad shape. Seeing his ex-wife reporting the news every morning, surrounded by old photographs of them together he comes to a realization — a horrible, terrible realization. He sees the calendar on the wall, it’s almost the anniversary.

A new ghost face killing in Woodsboro inspires Dewey to reach out to everyone from the old days who’s still around and tell them that “it’s happening again”. Everyone comes down to Woodsboro ready to fight once again like a Marvel action flick while Gen Z kids ae getting stabbed up left and right. Sid can’t figure out what the new motive is for this killer and quite frankly, she doesn’t give a shit — she just wants to get back to her loving husband and kids as quickly as possible. Gayle is questioning Tara’s friends wondering “which one of these snot nosed little shits is starting this crap again?!”. Dewey isn’t far behind trying to get these kids to safety from one scenario to another, losing one Gen Z’er at a time while keeping most of the herd alive.

With everyone finding out about Sam’s past (her daddy was the original serial killer oops!) they all start to point fingers at each other. Who knew about this before Sam had “the big meeting”? Sheriff Hicks is on the case and is trying to get information but no one seems to be talking — everyone is a suspect at this point. And here is where things get a little sticky. Amber remembers when her and her family first moved into their new house. Everyone was nice and courteous about where she had lived. They informed her that it was a murder house but didn’t seem to be too obsessed with the idea of it all — except one. There was this one person she remembers being a little too obsessed with the bloody history of the house. But by the time she realizes, it’s too late — she’s gutted like a fish and left for the others to find. Just another Gen Z’er Dewey couldn’t save in time.

By this time Sheriff Hicks is gone, a good amount of Tara’s friends are dead, and the original three are still looking for the killer. As another body is found at the hospital Tara is recovering in, a terrible plan is laid out by Dewey — he decides he’s gonna go after the killer alone. The big scene starts again, he says he’s going to find the killer and shoot them in the head, and gets everyone on their way out of the hospital onto the elevator. Sid and Gayle go along with the plan for a second, and then both decide to help Dewey since facing the killer alone is never a good idea, so they step off the elevator a few stories down and head up the stairs to Tara’s old floor.

Sid and Gayle slowly open up the door from the stairs to the hospital wing, cocking their guns and turning a corner they see a new bloodied body laid out — and the killer pulling their knife from the dead nurse. With their guns raised they yell at the killer to drop the knife or they’ll shoot. The killer runs as Sid and Gayle miss almost every shot– Sid gets them in the leg, but they continue to try and escape. Gayle is screaming for Dewey to come help them fight the killer, and sees the lower half of a man’s body with his pants smeared in blood behind a desk — she screams. Sid has caught up with the killer and is fighting with them — Gayle soon follows, gun drawn ready to shoot the son of a bitch who killed Dewey. Sid and the killer are on their feet with Sid from behind, she asks Gayle if she’s ready with the gun — Gayle nods and yells “I got em!”. At the last second ghostface elbows Sid in the face knocking her to the ground (but not unconscious).

There is no shot. Sid looks up at the killer, she sees the back of his head. She looks down — the mask is in her hand. Gayle is silent. Sid gets up as ghostface turns around — it’s Dewey. Sid backs away confused, Gayle starts to sob. Dewey’s eyes roll over black as he grabs Sid by the neck inching towards a nearby window, “do you know what day it is?” as he pulls a knife from under his black cloak. Gayle is shakily holding up the gun yelling at Dewey to put her down — but he won’t, he’s too far gone at this point. Sid asks the all-encompassing question: “why?” — Dewey proceeds to go on a tangent about how her life ruined his life, and this entire town is stained with the mess her mother had started and left behind. He was tired of killers coming to Woodsboro and getting off to the stories of their past and deciding to make their own version. He wanted it all to end. And after finding out Stu’s house was now occupied with new tenants (Amber and her family) it triggered him into a frenzy of research about Amber and her friends — he figured Amber would turn into a psycho and kill all of her friends like Stu did. But when he found out about Billy’s daughter via some intense research and full blown internet stalking he had finally found “his golden egg” down the spiraling rabbit hole he had thrown himself down. Fully convinced of a new Woodsboro attack centered around these kids and the thought of Billy having a successor he decides to nip it in the bud find the killer before it starts. The first killing was an accident (so he claims), and after that he just got a taste for it.

He wanted to find the killer, but instead he became the killer. In some twisted split-personality plot, Dewey somehow splits his psyche between wanting to save these kids before something happened and hating them for reviving the Woodsboro story that ruined his life. No longer Sherriff, no longer married to the woman he loves cause she hates Woodsboro and he can’t seem to leave — he’s trapped, trapped in the past. Now that Sid and Gayle see him for the paranoid schizophrenic that he’s become there’s only one thing left to do. Gayle raises the gun, arguing with her lost love Dewey as she tries to search his eyes for the man she once knew — he isn’t there. Dewey raises the knife to Sid’s neck for one final kill as he screams, “I’m saving Woodsboro!! You don’t understand! She must die!”. Gayle shoots.

Sid and Gayle head out to the elevator door seeing the rest of the bloodied male figure hidden behind a desk — a male nurse cut to shreds. They exit the hospital confused and heartbroken. Dewey had snapped. A once good man torn down by madness and isolation. In his trailer they find the old photos from years before when they all were together, but they were destroyed with gory knife drawings, cut out eyes, and weird phrases like “ruined my life” and “save Woodsboro” all over and juxtaposed with old newspaper clippings of the old slayings. No one had seen Dewey in years and he had been falling down a dark path for a while. The movie ends how it always does, a newscaster in front of a live TV camera reporting on the situation as bodies from the hospital are wheeled away in the background.

The End? …

And of course there’s wiggle room for more Scream films aka Billy’s daughter and the other OG characters too (since now they’re all susceptible to going insane). What do you think? Good ending, or shitty new take? Drop a comment below!

Bonus content!


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