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WITCHY SHIT: Harnessing The Fire Power of Full Leo Moon (8/8/2021)

Hello babes! It’s time for a little fire power! Leo Moons are great for gathering fiery energy for success and creativity. Self-love, invigorating vitality, and glamorous indulgences are also a part of this winter moon. Just be sure not to over-do it, otherwise you may end up being a power-hungry creature who destroys their surroundings.  It’s going to be the night of the Full Leo Moon! This sign will be illustrated by the bombshell of horror… Miss Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky. 

The Breakdown


Full Moons In Leo Deal With:






Fire Element


Courage/Overcoming Fears



Useful Items For Your Altar:

Candles: Orange (Energy), Yellow (Inspiration), Red (Power), Gold (Success)

Stones: Citrine (Prosperity), Carnelian (Courage/Protection), Rose Quartz (Self-Love/Love), Black Kyanite (Psychic/Aura Protection)

Oil: Frankincense, Orange, Cinnamon

Extra Large Yellow/Gold Candles (10-15)

Gold Jewelry

Red Roses/Petals

Dead Moths

Leo Moon Spells


Manifestation of Power

You may still feel the headstrong vibes from Capricorn, but it can be very tiring. A recharge of your core power would be the best way to go. With your altar fully lit (the extra candles will surely help) it’s all about meditating while focusing on your chakras. Bonus points if you have a mantra to keep repeating while entrancing yourself deeper. Envision yourself as an all-powerful being, glowing in golden light as you’re surrounded by the spare white candles. Find your inner flame at its core — your main power source, and build it up. See yourself accomplishing everything you wish to get done. This is one of my favorite things to envision at the end of the ritual (perfect high note). Don’t get it twisted, this is only meant to enhance your inner-power (we’re not pulling a “Nancy” here).

Giving Yourself A Creative Boost

Creativity is a must have in many industries and careers, so having a dry-spell is not preferred. Doesn’t matter what field you’re in, if you need a creative kick, this is a good time to bring some artsy energy your way. The sun will be in Aquarius at 1am PST/3am EST so you can use it’s inspirational side to enhance this part of your ritual. Surround yourself with yellow candles (air sign color and color for creativity) and get ready to build up your altar. Take elements of what you use in your creative field (paintbrush, guitar pick, etc.) and put them on your altar.  Focus on the item and see yourself using it to create something masterful. The idea is to put the creative energy into this item, yourself, and to bond you two together. This is another cool way to end your ritual if your more creative-goal oriented. By using the item you wish to bless, it makes the spell/your intentions stronger.

Unleashing Boundless Determination

Leo is all about getting their way no matter what or who’s blocking their path. That kind of determination is always useful, so use this moon to reach your goals come Hell or high water. Take a piece of paper and write down a list of everything you want, changes that are needed, and goals that you have. Focus all of your energy on this list while reading it over and over again. When you’re ready, burn the paper on an orange candle, and throw the ashes to the wind for manifestation. You will feel more inspired to be successful and adaptive to the hard-work it’s going to take to get there. I like to do these every night while under the Leo Moon just to keep me going on the right track. This way, I can develop better habits that benefit me in the short and long run (just an idea).


Attracting Success In Your Life

Attraction spells using fire are the most powerful, especially under a fire element moon. With this you’ll need the dead moths, symbols of success (gold jewelry works) and a large red candle. The moths represent the things you wish to be successful with (one moth = one thing). The flame represents yourself and the pull of attraction between you and what you want. Put the large red candle near yourself. Focus on one moth at a time and figure out what it represents to you (as a means of success). Once you can envision it clearly, burn it. Keep going until you have no more (or don’t need to use anymore).


Vitality Enhancement

This is one of the best times to vitalize your energy levels. Leo Moons are all about power, energy, and self-love. Here’s the time to spread the red roses/rose petals  on your altar as symbol of glamour, romance, and power (things Leos love). You might feel a little haggard from all of the hustle you’ve been doing, so some serious self-care is in order. This awesome vitality spell is best done in a bathtub (two birds; one stone), and heavily surrounded by red candles. Using the rim of the tub as your altar, draw the bath and throw in: shaved orange skins, orange/citrus oils, red rose petals, and an orange/citrus bath bomb. After everything is finished and fully lit, focus on your core where your energy is stored and build it up. This may take a while to focus all of the way but get and keep yourself in that deep meditative state. Once you feel relaxed and strengthened, I suggest you indulge yourself by using your best spa products to revitalize yourself the muggle way.

Have fun! And remember not to be too power-crazy!


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