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Witchy Shit: Altar On-The-Go

Hola Brujas!


As a constant traveler, I’m used to just packing up and running out of the door. Sometimes I end up either missing a full moon or schlepping everything in my altar (and then not have enough space for it all). So instead I’ve decided to build an easy to pack altar kit for when I’m on a new adventure. If you’re traveling and see that there’s a full moon coming up, or just always want your altar with you (I know I do), here is how you can build your own travel sized kit!



1. Get A Decent-Sized Box (With A Latch)




Okay NOT this complicated, but about that size. I bought mine at Target. You can get one of these anywhere. I usually look for boxes like these in the school/office supplies isle. Best time to get them is right around the new school year (lots of sales). The box should be big enough to hold a decent amount of items, and small enough to fit inside of that giant purse of yours (whichever one… I don’t know, pick).


2. Small Sage Stick




Now we all know where we get our sage and more often than not we purchase the BIGGER one. Instead, round up 2-3 smaller sized sage sticks. Some even come in packs of three. You should be able to fit one in your kit.




3. Baby Crystals/Stones




Okay, so mine ISN’T the best example, but if you can make it work, I say go for it. I’m a bit of a size-queen anyways. You most likely already have little crystals, but get some extra ones that you can take with you.




4. Little Candles + Tiny Bic + Sandwich Bag




One of my favorite things that I tend to overstuff my travel box with… candles. The tiny ones that you can get in any color, and have scented. I tend to stick with the basic unscented white candles, but having a variety is always good. At most, I could fit about five in my current travel kit along with a lighter inside of a sandwich bag. If you use the long, slender candles, wrap them in a plastic sandwich bag and put them to one side of the box.




5. Incense Sticks



This one may seem a little tricky but there are two ways you can do this. You can either:

A. Buy a pack of tiny incense sticks (I believe we’ve all seen them).

or B. Break or cut a few sticks in half and put them into a paper/plastic bag.

When you want to light one during your ritual, just wedge it into the ground or where ever will hold. OR you have have a cute little incense holder.

Easy peasy.




6. Parchment + Pen


I tend to keep 10 blank pages in my kit along with a smooth-inked pen. There are several ways to keep these in your kit (but the pen is always to the side and the paper is kept in a paper bag).

  1. Laid flat at the bottom
  2. Rolled to the side with pen inside
  3. Gently folded inside kit




7. Shell



This one depends on how big the rest of your items are (including the box). I say, just get a tiny shell that’s big enough to hold the base of your sage (insert dirty joke here).


8. Tarot Deck




This one may be a little tricky, I tend to only have one deck (most do) that I have and use. But my travel kit contains all of what I need, including my tarot deck so it’s not an issue. You can get another deck that you use while you travel, or keep all of your witchy

stuff in a latched box along with some extra items.


If you want, you can keep a large cloth in your car for when you want to pull a ritual on-the-go for real. Keep it out of the sun if you don’t want it fading.





There you have it! If you carry other items, the key is to make them travel-sized. If you use: oils, dried flowers, sand, basically anything delicate, get tiny little glass jars. All other items can be stored safely with paper or plastic bags (such as chalkOR if you have something like a feather, Voodoo Doll, or a necklace you can just gently place it to the side. MAKE SURE that your kit is somewhere that’s no warmer than room temp, otherwise you will have a bag of melted candles. Also, your lighter may… light itself. Neither of which has happened to me (yet), but here’s hoping! Don’t have it so full that the latch pops open. Take just enough, not everything (talking to myself here lol).


Now you can be the baddest witch in ANY town!



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