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Okay, I can already hear you saying “A 3 BOWL PIPE?!” and your doubts on it being a practical thing to have in your stoner kit. But trust me when I say… I’m fucking right. If you smoke all day, every day, like you breathe air… then you will agree with this article naturally. If not, well… then I guess this may be a little excessive for you. However, either way you like it there’s always an upside to having a 3-bowl pipe.

Reason number one being…



I don’t know about you, but I like 2-3 bowls in the morning just to start my day. With a regular pipe, I’d have to dig out ash and reload all over again at least one more time than I’d like to. With a 3BP, I only have to do it once. I have my “kush & coffee” bowl, my “hotbox in the shower” bowl, and my “I want to get really creative with my makeup today” bowl. Perfect combo.

Get More LIT Than You’ve Ever Been Before


The first time I used my 3BP… I don’t recall the two days that followed. I’m serious. It’s blank. I had two strains of weed; one in one bowl, the other in another, and both in the middle. I ripped all three and damn near died coughing to death. But after that, hell if I know (hahaha!). I want to do three different strains in all three bowls but, I’m gonna need to use my vacation days for that.

That Low-Key Stoner Flex


I’m not going to lie, I LOVE nonchalantly busting out my 3BP just to see the look on someone’s face as their talking. Sometimes I honestly don’t realize how crazy it is to people and I look down like “oh yeah I DID bring the big one today”. At home, that’s all I use. People expect you to be low-key about weed but… I don’t subscribe to that. I like to flex; especially on dudes, and especially in a large group or at parties. Fuckin priceless.

The Only “Drawback”


The only thing I can think of is that it’s not easy to hide in ANY state (smoking or put away). So if you want to smoke on the low… that’s not happening with a 3BP. But if you’re like me and don’t give a fuck, just get a bigger holder for it and rock on!

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