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5 Thrilling Horror Movies For Couples

So maybe you’re not the conventional couple who like romantic comedies. Perhaps you’re in need of something more… thrilling. Below is a list of personal favorites that I recommend for any love birds looking for a romantic movie night… from Hell!

The Strangers (2008)


This is your classic home-invasion horror film about a couple in the middle of an awkward night. After James has his proposal shot down, he drives Kristen up to his parent’s secluded cabin in a rural town. Unbenounced to them, they’re not as alone as they thought. Of course, games are played, chaos ensues and blood is shed, but what I love about this movie are the surprises. The scares aren’t cheap, and pretty menacing. Watching this alone in the dark in an otherwise quiet and empty house with someone… sounds like a good time to me!

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)


One of my favorite horror remakes ever! This movie has a serious cast starring (name 3-4 people here). Following the original film, this movie brings a town legend back to life in the form of a brand new killer. Every other night, another couple is killed at the hands of some deranged maniac who’s recreating the original murders. But who is it? There’s a lot of shady characters and unresolved issues throughout this quiet town of Texarkana. So many motives, so little time. A great way to start the night if you guys want to go for a midnight drive. Don’t park near any dark bushes…

Cloverfield (2008)


Classic case of pride over love as we delve into this horror movie of a girl in desperate need of help from a knight in shining armor. But instead, she called this guy that blew her off after they finally hooked up. Then he got drunk and realized (just a wee bit too late) that he was hopelessly in love with her… and then the town was set ablaze. So now him, and this (not super) random group have to get all the way across Manhattan and save her. I find his sudden desperation adorable and in the end… it’s half ‘Aww’ and half ‘Oh Shit!’. You’ll see.

Vacancy (2007)


Nothing is worse than a family tragedy… even worse is when you’re lost in a car with the spouse you’re about to divorce after said tragedy. These two want nothing more than to get away from each other until they become some sick psycho’s new targets. It simply starts with banging on the wall (not in the way you’d hope), and turns into a nightmarish scene. In order to survive the night, they have to stick together and uncover the layers of horrific madness going on at the motel. Maybe after the movie is over you and your s.o. can make a little movie of your own (hint hint).

Honeymoon (2014)


This is honestly the cutest couple I’ve ever seen on screen… it’s a real shame what happens to them. In this sci-fi horror movie, a newly-wed couple Bea and Paul head off to a remote place in the woods (familiar?). One night Bea sleepwalks into the woods, and she returns a changed woman. Paul can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with his new bride. They say people tend to change after marriage… but this is too much. It’s beyond Paul’s worst nightmare, and anything we as an audience can imagine. This would be a fun film to stir up some paranoia over your spouse tonight! Make sure they don’t go off sleepwalking into some strange light.

There you have it! What are some of your fav movies to watch with your s.o.? Let us know at!

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