Hey everyone! I was going through some photos of Marina Brink from IN THIS MOMENT — who will be playing at the Aftershock Festival on Sunday October 10th — from an old show at the Ace of Spades (miss y’all!) a few years back. I really had to sit here and count how many different outfits Marina wore that night (she changed clothes like every other song). Looking back, the entire performance was incredible and I literally couldn’t stop taking photos of her! Since I’ll be seeing her again soon I wonder if we’ll get another witchy fashion show during her performance! If you’ve never seen IN THIS MOMENT perform, you owe it to yourself to behold this Divine Feminine Energy. The entire performance is a ritual in itself — on purpose or not, she casts her spell.

If you’re looking to add some witchy vibes to your wardrobe, just take a page out of Marina’s book!

Add some long draping fabrics to your wardrobe. Anything long and flowy works well with this look. Outerwear such as capes or cloaks (especially with a hood) would fit this witch of the wood aesthetic perfectly.

Be careful not to get too much fabric that you can’t handle. You don’t want to accidentally trip on it while trying to get your witchy vibes going (I definitely would since I’m kind of klutzy like that haha!)/ Anything long and flowy — you need to know your inseam measurements.

Another staple in the Marina Brink look book is a good headdress. Headdresses go a very long way (ask any performer) — you can’t go wrong with something giant and beautiful pinned to your head.

True to form, Marina actually wore about four different headdresses/hats throughout her performance. It was always worth the extra 20 sec wait between her costume changes. She blew us away with her looks every time!

Experimenting with eye makeup can add an extra witchy element (especially if you draw symbols). You can see here that not only does Marina Brink have makeup on her face but she’s got them all over her hands as well (nice touch!). I’m really glad I got to see that up close.

It also helps to have glorious hair as well. Taking care of your crown is a very important part of being purely magical. I’d never follow a witch with bad or unkept hair into the woods… would you? Adding gems, shells, jewels etc will also add to the magical element to your hair.

And don’t forget to have your own wind machine at all times! I know we all like to “catch the wind” while we’re out and about in the world, but you need to up your game. Travel around with a literal wind machine to get that “I’m a badass witch” vibe 24/7. It may be a bit of a drag to carry around but on the flipside, at least you’ll stay cool at all times (haha!).

No, I don’t really recommend your own personal wind machine (but I know someone’s reading this and nodding… this entire paragraph was for you). Although looking at these photos (and living in LA), it feels pretty tempting.

If you want to see her in all her Feminine Glory check out their tour dates here! And enjoy the look book below!

Mini Look Book of Marina Brink from In This Moment


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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