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Hello everyone! Lots of things happened since we last “saw each other”, and I’ve been all over it via Instagram and Twitter. Since this morning I’ve posted a story about UNCLE TOMMY VEXT being out of BAD WOLVES and I had some people were replying with question marks. Some of you know, some of you don’t — well, I’m here to tell you… he fucking sucks. “Why, and what’s with “uncle” in front of his name?” No , no, no, that IS his name. See, when you scream “BLUE LIVES MATTER” but you’re black and love Donald Trump, you get that name. Not only that, he’s an anti-masker. Yuuuup! This was last night: “#nomaskneeded”

Oh, you didn’t know? Let’s start from the beginning. Buckle up, cause we have to go back to 2020 (like there’s a difference anymore).

Ewww 2020000000…..

Ok so here we are in 2020. Looking at UNCLE TOMMY‘s Instagram you don’t really notice anything too crazy. He makes music, he’s with his band, he’s working out, and also continuously posting about how “chubby and single” he is cause him and his girlfriend broke up (you and Candace Owens should hook up). Then he comes out with this IDIOTIC video (which had been taken down of course) of him talking about how racism doesn’t exist…. because “it never happened to him”. Really? So jungles can’t be real then, huh? I’ve never been on a safari before and my people were stolen from their homelands so I never got the chance to experience it. Must be fake news.

This is the quote from his little video entitled “WHAT IS BLACK LIVES MATTER?” on JUNE 9TH, 2020.


“After weeks of research & interviews with independent journalist, military personnel, entertainment industry professionals, a virologist & many ex Democrats. There’s a huge fucking problem going on where we have turned into citizens policing other citizens over a veil of racism that doesn’t exist. I’m African American, I’m 38-years-old. I’ve grown up in this country and I have not experienced actual racism. I’ve spent twenty years traveling through 48 states and, how many countries? I don’t know, lets say 50 countries all over the world. We don’t have a problem with race here. It’s all manufactured.” — UNCLE TOMMY VEXT

To be honest, it has happened to him, and he’s either in some serious denial or he doesn’t understand when a white waspy person is talking shit straight to his face. They’re pretty catty, clever, and cunty so any racist comments most likely went over his head. He probably laughed with them, poor shmuck. Now to delve into the part I like to call “Did You See That Shit?”. For a while I didn’t see any of UNCLE TOMMY VEXT‘s posts (fuckin algorithms), until he was chode-neck deep in the white supremacy trap.

First, he quoted Abraham Lincoln (who we later found out wasn’t really anti-racist):

Seemed normal…. until I saw this weird shit:


….and THIS:

Exhausted yet? Too bad. Cause there’s this too (OH, as if A RICH WHITE PERSON in Beverly Hills would tell you NOT to wear that. Fuck OUTTA here. You should have gone to HollyHOOD… see what happens then lol):

There’s moreeeeeee (and I skipped some shit):

So okay, you get it now? He’s a disgrace to his race. Period. Brainwashed, surrounded by rich whites and cops who are constantly patting him on the back as they would a “good dog”. If a WHITE TEENAGER is calling you an Uncle Tom… you’re a MFKN Uncle Tom. I don’t even know where this kid found out about that phrase but, there you go. And it has been officially announced as of TODAY that UNCLE TOMMY VEXT is out of BAD WOLVES for good. And why is that a good thing? Well, you saw. Not much to explain.

Most Black people have denounced him. I’m one of them obviously. But I honestly feel sorry for the chump. He can’t even see how he’s being played and paraded around like a monkey (sorry, but I call it like I see it) so people will think that we’re down with the police. And to add insult to to injury, instead of making music to support the cause like Black Frontman JASON BUTLER from FEVER 333 did (your album was AMAZING!!!), he dogged us out and became the KANYE WEST of metal by posting photos of himself with the National Guard (you know, the ones that sprayed, beat, and shot rubber bullets at black protesters, but NOT the white terrorists trying to overthrow the Capitol with homemade bombs and zipties for hostages). YEAH, THEM. Fuck em. He is UNCLE TOMMY VEXT or his government name UNCLE THOMAS CUMMINGS or maybe UNCLE TOM CUMMING IN HIS SHORTS FOR TRUMP instead? Hey, maybe that can be the name of his new band… it’s the only one he deserves to be in.

Some would say “why not just respect the dude for having opinions?” …and they can shut the fuck up. I’d MUCH rather respect the works of MLK, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, The Black Panthers (which my dad and other family members were a part of) and others like them than “respect” someone’s basic human right to have a brain malfunction. If your opinion coincides with “white supremacy” (which I don’t get why it’s even a phrase, your mortal enemy is the SUN for fuck’s sake), then your opinion is trash. Racism and peace cannot coexist.

Oh, and just in case he wants to backpaddle this in the future or you want some downloads, well here ya go! A whole gallery of fuckery:


Since the post I’ve gotten some interesting messages containing more information about this dude. Fair warning, it’s triggering with domestic violence, and riddled with racism. I hadn’t seen this before because I’m all about the music, and I’d much rather write about a cool new band I just found than some drama (check my site). But once in a while there’s something that makes me go “……wow” and I have to say something or revoke my own journalism badge. I don’t really need to write much, it’s all there in the photos and IG post links for you to see, but I’ll narrate. Here we go:

The Ex-Girlfriend I mentioned before? She filed for a restraining order on grounds of abuse. He tells the public it was all “fake news” and an “extortion attempt” (but no money was asked for). Then says some weird shit about BLM, but not before talking about a whole bunch of weird conspiracy theories with tin foil on his head.

YouTube Video of UNCLE TOMMY VEXT at the moment he started talking about his ex-girlfriend.

Ex-Girlfriend is granted the restraining order; a conservative gun loving blonde girl calls her a “liar” and proceeds to spew the same narcissistic things UNCLE TOMMY VEXT would say. She begins to cyberbully his ex along with him by insinuating that models on IG and trainers (ex was a trainer) were “escorts”.

They start dating and she posts a photo of them on Twitter. Her followers call him a “thug”, “drug dealer”, “some dude she met on prison love . com” and her a “Coal Burner” (racist term). She does not defend him. He does not defend himself.

Are your eyes bleeding yet? Too bad… cause there’s more.

Official statements from Whitney John’s (Ex-GF) legal team to the press…

CLEARLY feeling a certain type of way in regards to the two VERY different historical protests and “protests” that happened within a six month span.

BAD WOLVES posts a photo of their first tour together (we all notice UNCLE TOMMY VEXT isn’t in it) on social media.

Then band members JOHN and DOC stream on FB and IG live last night (January, 11, 2021) to say that they don’t want to talk about how the singer came to part ways with the band or be a “drama bitch”, that they just want to talk about music.

UNCLE TOMMY VEXT goes on IG live earlier today (January 12, 2021) to talk about how he came to leave BAD WOLVES while still calling it “his band” (a habit that needs to be broken very soon) and says he’s banned from FB (*wondering what he posted*). Claims he “walked off the plantation” (what in the actual fuck?) within the first five minutes.

He asks for money (but I thought he said he had money?).

And with that… again, I say good riddance. He sucks. There’s just no getting around it. If there’s ANYTHING ELSE that needs to be added, it will go right above here.


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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