Hello my loves! A while ago I made a promise that I would come back to bring you some sick ass metal to do some witchcraft to and as of the first #WitchyShitWednesday of the year it’s back! This time around I’d like to do some themes instead of just throwing countless albums and songs at you. So this one is for the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th, or 13th if you’re not on PST time (you can check here but be sure to change it to your time zone!) and for the ritual you will be doing! Whether you practice Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Pagan, Green/Kitchen Witchery etc, if you’re looking for some metal in your playlist for the New Capricorn Moon then you’re in the right place!

What is the New Capricorn Moon About?

New Moons are generally about something new that’s coming into your life; a transitional moment, a new venture, bringing in something new. Capricorn Moons are more focused on career-based success, money making, grounding yourself, goal setting, and all-around prosperity. But in order to get, you must first offer. So I highly suggest you figure out what it is you want for the year and what you’re willing to do and what your boundaries are. With this grounding earth sign, you can m*nifest what kind of year you want to have professionally (and personally). And with this in mind check out these YouTube videos for your New Capricorn Moon Metal Playlist needs! If you’re looking for a more in depth look into the New Capricorn Moon and rituals, we’ve got you covered!


THROTH — ‘Every Liar Knows He’ll Die Alone’

THROTH is a Doom/Sludge/Shoegaze band from Bristol, UK. This music is a little quirky and dark; a good one to start off with when getting your supplies ready and your altar set up. I like how the album is metal but it’s reaaaally different from what you usually hear. It’s pretty strange, but also grounding towards the end. As you can see this album is pretty fresh having been released January 1, 2021. THROTH has been around since 2015; if you like this album you should check out their discography on Band Camp!

SONIC DEMON — ‘Vendetta’

Coming straight from Italy SONIC DEMON has a lot more of a Demonic Rock n’ Roll rhythm with some semi-harsh vocals. If you’re looking to jump start your energy mid-ritual or kick it off with a *bang* this is the album to go for! Definitely has that psych with some added darkness to it which is very good to listen to when you’re stoned out. This is for that brainstorming session you need to have with yourself, defining your goals and intentions. SONIC DEMON has more music for you to find, so click this link if you’re diggin the vibes!

BLACK SPELL — ‘Self Titled’

You want something heavier? I’ve gotcha covered with BLACK SPELL‘s self titled album! Italian Doom Metal BLACK SPELL comes in with some creepy aesthetics, and some amazing instrumentals. This is another one that’s on the longer side you can concentrate more on your ritual instead of “wait.. was that the last song?” (longer is usually better). This one is mid-range on energy peaks (oh, but when it peaks), but the vibe is still there. If you love this band, you should check out the rest of their music here on Band Camp!

ASCEND TOWARDS THE MOON — ‘At The Heart Of All Beauty Lies Something Inhuman’

This album is what black roses are made for… romantic, elegant, dark, visceral. ‘At The Heart Of All…’ was a terrific find, I’ll definitely be playing this a few times when the New Capricorn Moon comes. ASCEND TOWARDS THE MOON (haha guess why I picked it) is an Atmospheric Black Metal band from Europe and it looks like this is their FIRST album?! Crazy! It starts off with some trve kvlt-like atmospheric sounds and swiftly shifts into the real shit. I’m looking forward to hearing more from ASCEND TOWARDS THE MOON for sure! Check out their Band Camp to purchase this amazing album!


Darker, you say? Good. I actually had the pleasure of hearing this album premiere LIVE yesterday on this YouTube channel. THUNDERING HOOVES came out with this savage Black Metal album called ‘Vestiges’ and it’s a perfect ultimate finale music for this New Capricorn Moon night! Hailing from Bristol, London THUNDERING HOOVES gives a brutal Black Metal performance for almost thirty-three minutes. This is another band who’s debuting in 2021! Very first album and it’s fucking fantastic. You can purchase this fine piece of work right over here!


*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful ritual and stay tuned for more #WitchyShit posts from me! Also, be sure to find my personal witchy Instagram! And again, here is the link for some New Capricorn Moon rituals you can try! Get out there and m*nifest some good shit this year!

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