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Hey hey! So I’ve been rewatching some old episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved on YouTube which is a FANTASTIC show! I’m a huge fan of the Ghoul Boys (although the ones I’m more familiar with look like this haha!) and I don’t miss an episode. But there’s this one… it’s cringey, it’s wrong, it’s culture appropriation at it’s most sleezy. Some of you ALREADY KNOW what episode I’m referring to, and that just furthers my point. Still don’t know? I’ll help you out!

During Season Two of Buzzfeed Unsolved the ghoul boys went on a mission to check out the culture behind Voodoo in NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana). Nothing wrong with being curious, I like that. Now, where they went for some Voodoo knowledge…. UN-FUCKING-ACCECPTABLE. Who the hell sent them there? To her? A WHITE WOMAN?

In case you didn’t know or was confused by this episode: Voodoo and Hoodoo is NOT FOR WHITE PEOPLE. It is STRITCLY for African and African Americans and those of African descent — not colonizers. It’s not cute. It’s not a trend. It’s BLACK CULTURE.

The worst part (yeah, there’s more) is that there were countless Voodoo Mambos — REAL ones (Black ones) in NOLA that they could have talked to instead. So… why her? I can’t answer that. I’m not into cultural appropriation and I don’t think like a colonizer (who uses diseases and germs to conquer peaceful brown people… seriously… look it up). I don’t know who she was “talking to”… but it wasn’t Papa Legba, she has demons in her house.

And to add insult to injury, they even showed WHERE Voodoo came from. They had a map and everything, and yet, they’re talking to this person?

Voodoo and Hoodoo are both CLOSED practices (and so is Santeria while I’m at it).

The appropriation of black culture is sooooo tired, but time and time again, there’s another white person trying to “add some flavor” to their lives. White people pretty much killed everyone over spices and some of them are still putting raisins in potato salad (barf). What are they going to do with Voodoo and Hoodoo besides screw it up and invite the wrong spirits in their house? As it so happens there’s a SLEUGH of charlatans in NOLA who are of the caucasian descent that like to appropriate Black Culture (surprise). I don’t care what book you read or who “trained” you… spirits know who’s who. You really think an AFRICAN Spirit God is going to fuck with you? *laughs* (Bianca Del Rio’s voice) Delusional!

Witchcraft is a culture with subcultures inside of it, a lot like metal. There’s METAL and then there’s Black, Heavy, Thrash, Death, Doom, Sludge… fucking VIKING Metal. Witchcraft has more of the same, except this is not a “let’s all hold hands and share” kind of deal. You’re more or less assigned to your subset of witchcraft based on your culture, as anyone would be with culture in general.

There’s no sharing Voodoo or Hoodoo. That’s like trying to trade a mashed up PB&J for a Lunchables pack on the playground. Not a fair trade. Not fucking happening.

To end this post on a good note, I’ll give you a list of some REAL Mambos (Wom*n) and Houngans (Men) out there who actually have the power of Voodoo and Hoodoo (and not just spitting liquids onto their figurines). Also when buying Hoodoo and Voodoo books, items, etc. ALWAYS make sure that the maker and distributer (shop) is Black and Black-Owned. We don’t need any one making money off of us anymore… go to the source, not a cheap imitation. Easiest way is to look up the name of the author/creator on Google Images. They can be light-skinned but still be Black, but they can’t be white and pretend so it’s pretty easy to know who’s who (and if human eyes can tell… you know you can’t fool a Spirit God) — (not) sorry, Karen.

Like I said, LOVE the ghoul boys, but this was some fucking bullshit. Onto some REAL Voodoo!





*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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