HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! This week we have an early present for you! A new MFKN FEATURE! If you know me, you know I like it mean and dirty — this is the perfect hybrid. PALEFACE is a new favorite coming out of Zurich, Switzerland, but they’re not new to the game. As you may have guessed ‘Chapter 3: The Last Selection’ is their third release, but it’s actually their first full-length album.

This shit is dripping… absolutely dripping with sick-nasty vocals. There is nothing clean about this band. No cap. PALEFACE‘s sound is a mixture of Slamming Beatdown, Rap, and straight up BRUTALITY. This is something that I’d try and have my “I’ve never really listened to metal”/fellow black friends. It just hits so fucking hard with a bounce to it, I can’t imagine my rap loving/fellow black friends not liking it.

This shit hit so hard I almost cried… is there a mosher support group anywhere? I’m having some serious withdrawals. I NEED to mosh to this, and not with my lamp!

PALEFACE‘s music is so nasty/gnarly you have to be verified to even hear the full length album on YouTube. Not just the music videos, the music itself — that’s how I like it. And being the good lil devil that I am, I found a little way to work around that just for the sake of this post. Prime example of the violent imagery would be PALEFACE‘s video for “Curse Us” where each member is murdered in (technically twice) by blood-drenched female cult members. Shotgun to the dome, hangings, throat slicing — everything a horror fanatic like me would love, and it’s their FIRST MUSIC VIDEO. Great first impression!

The new PALEFACE album is a continuation of the previous EPs ‘Chapter 1: From The Gallows’ and ‘Chapter 2: Witch King’. In the storyline build in the first chapter was “mostly about creatures showing themselves, establishing a presence, enslaving humans and how humanity copes with it. And then chapter two was mostly about torture methods” according to drummer CJ. “With chapter three, we also knew that this was the final chapter — the story ends there.”

Influentially speaking on the ‘Chapter 3: The Last Selection’ album, CJ the drummer took his influence from Slipknot, whereas Zelli got his from rappers such as NF (I would have thought DMX, haha!). Joining PALEFACE on this album are the music stylings of some Swiss homies: HOOD BRAWL, CLENCH YOUR FIST, and STRANGLED who bring another layer of sickness to the tracks they infect with their mayhem.

“It’s about the last selection . The last selection of humans. The ones that survive, and the ones that get killed. And the things is, at the end of this ‘shitty’ album you don’t really know what happens to humanity. And WHO KNOWS what the next album will be about? Maybe the story will continue?” — Zelli (vox)

As of right now, the band is in the middle of writing new songs. Is the band going to continue the “chapter” theme? They’ve been planning a trilogy-style EP release with their first three EPs from the beginning — not sure if they’re doing more chapters. Right now, it’s all about the creative process.

Recording music has always been a slight challenge for PALEFACE since CJ the drummer lives and studies at a university in London, UK and Tommy the bassist lives in Basel, CH while Zelli (vox) and Yannick (Guitar) is in Zurich, CH. So being a part from each other wasn’t really anything new.

In the midst of COVID, PALEFACE is actually booking upcoming tour dates for 2021! Since having a tour now is impossible, they’re preparing for the future. We’re all betting/hoping that this will die down by summer of 2021, but we’ll see. Keep those amputated fingers crossed cause I need to see these fuckers LIVE!

“We’re FINALLY booking a tour! Originally, the tour was planned for this year but corona happened but we’re finally organizing a tour, playing sick shows, releasing funny shit — the stuff you do when you’re in a band.” — Zelli (vox)

If all of that wasn’t killer enough, the dudes of PALEFACE have a “behind the scenes” video for the making of ‘Chapter 3: The Last Selection’ — and it’s fucking hilarious! I had to watch it a few times to get all the info cause I was laughing so hard. These guys are pretty… cheesy. I’ve gotten all of the important info out of the video already and put it in the article so you can just enjoy the madness!

Be sure to check out the EPs on their Band Camp page (listed/linked below) and snatch up their first full length album!



(link to full album without the pauses; must be of age to view)


1. Inevitable

2. No Mercy At All (feat. Hood Brawl)

3. Lights Out

4. Skalpell

5. Go To Sleep

6. I

7. The Rats (feat. Clench Your Fist)

8. II

9. Curse Us

10. Go For The Throat

11. III

12. Take Us (feat. Strangled)


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