HEYYYY YOU BRUTAL MOTHERFUCKERS!!! So, I had to take a social media break (with a quick post for December 17th’s annual #StopViolenceAgainstSexWorkers Day). I was way too drained, frequent headaches (as much as I tried, more metal didn’t help hahaha!), and my eyes were strained from all the screen time. It was all how you say… brutal. In any case, this lil devil is back with some new picks from YouTube! If you were wondering where I looked for my metal online, here are some top YouTube Channels that I’d recommend! This week it’s an OVERLOAD to make up for last week (sowwy)… not just to the readers, but also myself since I had to cut out metal for a second (migraines). It was all just so fucking… brutal. Now it’s time to fuck shit up.


Coming in as my first round draft pick — DIMINISHED EXISTENCE. This Slamming Brutal Death Metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico has got some fuckin pipes (Native pipes). YES! This is a Native band! I’m so fucking psyched for this band to pop off! As I read that they were native in the video comments, the band name made so much sense and I got sad (ahh fuuuhhhk). However, this is not the kind of music I’d cry to (I’ll try one day haha!), this shit slams! All the classic signs of slamming brutal death are there: inaudible growling vocals, the “tin pan” snare, a little groove with the beat before it snaps back to brutality. The vocals are loooooooooow as fuuuuuuuuuck. It pretty much sounds like a visceral disembowelment — “a literal recording” if you will (*nervous laugh* hahaha… someone is dead).

Check out their official music video below and their Band Camp page here!


I didn’t know that BRITNEY SPEARS could sound metal…. but here we are. Italian Orchestral Death metal band FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE not only released an ABSOLUTE fucking banger this passed week, they incorporated the pop idol’s song “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” into the song. Not gonna lie… I broke out with some 90’s Britney Spears when that part hit. Can’t help myself. Commenting on the single, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE frontman Francesco Paoli states:

“We live in a world where people are searching for easy answers to complex questions. Self-styled gurus, fake news and miracle pills show up on screen as the silver bullet that may cast out all your fears and troubles. If you need shortcuts to dominate the intricate reality we live in, be aware that the outcome might not be what you expect. Will you find a way to save this world on Google? No. Will things change if we don’t act? No. Will self-delusions lead us somewhere? No. Can music, and art in general, help us cope with this chaos? Absolutely yes.”

Check out their music video and their official website here!


Back to utter brutality… from Attendorn, Germany this band straight fucks you up! RECOUNT is of the “Beat (a motherfucker) down” sub-genre. They even have that gnarly pig squeal/growl — I hardly hear those anymore! Loving the quick tempo and groove changes with this one. This is mosh pit heaven right here (although I can’t help but to imagine a bunch of “karate kids” flailing around to this too). You need to check out their other music via Band Camp though! This is just a taste.

Be sure to check out the fully animated music video below and their Band Camp here!


From Quito, Ecuador REPTILIUM is knocking me out with this cover of LL COOL J‘s “Mama Said Knock You Out” (I’m very fond of metal covers of pop and rap songs)! They deliver a unique Brutal sound with a bit of Slam, but it’s all Death metal. REPTILIUM has some amazing vocals and drum work — I hardly noticed that it was a cover, it sounded so original. Definitely check out their other works on Band Camp, this is just a single release — they already have three albums ready for ya!

Check out their video below and the official Band Camp page here!


Heyyy it’s my dudes from DEATH ANGEL!!! You know, I will never get over that terrible “Taco Bell Tour Bus” story (yikes!) but this song helps! DEATH ANGEL is a Thrash metal band from Daly City, California that knows how to get the party started! Not to mention this crazy cool animated music video with an opening shot of what appears to be my old car and why I’m not driving it anymore (hahaha!). Really sets the mood for 2020’s mid-apocalypse theme. And of course the music is fuckin killer — classic thrash metal vibes with “fuck the system” lyrics; things I can get behind. This was definitely needed! They actually JUST finished their (virtual) Christmas shows, however… you can watch it ON DEMAND for the next 72 hours right here playa!! Be sure to scroll down and buy a ticket to the show you want to watch; it won’t be live but it’ll be there! Also don’t forget to check out the new album ‘Under Pressure’ on their official website below!

Check out the animated music video below and their official website here!


Unicorns, and machine guns, and missiles — oh shit! Beautiful and brutal as always, JINJER is nailing the hammer on the head with this track and it’s so fucking universal. This Metalcore band from Donetsk, Ukraine gets my blood pumping every single time! JINJER comes in with some style and a “fuck the system” message of their own with “Home Back”. Mid-core they break out into a jazzy interlude for some more crushing punishment from Tati’s vocals. I really miss seeing them play live! This music video is mad crazy too — Alice in War-land with a tea party gone ghastly… yay! This is the 7th release from their latest album ‘Macro’ and I’m dying for more new music!

Check out their badass music video below and check out their music right here!


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