What’s up motherfuckers! We are here today for some sick ass metal and I’ve got some new shit for ya! Hope everyone is doing alright considering! So what we’re gonna do this round is gather up some metal bands from all over the world, different sub-genres of metal, and showcase them right here. There’s been some new releases lately so I don’t know why people are calling for “Album of the Year” already… we still have a few weeks left! Below (at the verrry bottom) is our social media platform list — be sure to let us know who you think should win “Album of the Year” for 2020! Okay, so we’ve got a lot of genres to cover today so let’s get to it! Remember to click their name for their Instagram and their BandCamp link below the review to purchase!


Sooo it looks like right after the lockdown popped off in March 2020, Los Angeles Hardcore Metal band TERROR started looking through the archives for “lost and forgotten” material. The four songs that appear on Sink To The Hell were found (hell yeah!) and WAR Records has released them to the public! This badass Hardcore Los Angeles band has got some amazing stuff hidden away (I wonder if there’s more)!

The songs “Sink To The Hell” and “The New Beginning” were taken from the Live By The Code sessions, “Don’t Need Your Time” is from the Keepers Of The Faith demo sessions – featuring BRAND NEW vocals which were recorded in 2020 to complete the track and featuring Jesse Barnett of Stick To Your Guns – and “You Lost All Respect” is also from the Keepers Of The Faith demo sessions with updated drums, additional guitars, and vocals. These songs will DEFINITELY get a mosh pit going!

Vocalist Scott Vogel offers, “I guess all this time off left TERROR some time to dig into our past and find some gems that never really saw the light of day. WAR Records originally released each of these four tracks individually as very limited lathe cut seven-inches, we decided to put them all on one vinyl EP so everyone that wanted one would have that chance to get these songs.”

Check out their song below and purchase via their BandCamp page!


No, we’re not talking about that biblical story, this is much more interesting! After the first issued lockdown, German Thrash Metal band SODOM decided to come back with some fresh new sounds! “This is definitely one of the toughest and most diverse studio recordings that SODOM have ever released,” says Angelripper. “Our riff suppliers, Yorck and Frank, are totally different types of musicians. Yorck is a died-in-the-wool metalhead who grew up with thrash music. Frank, on the other hand, also integrates blues and rock elements into his style, including the occasional Frank Marino or Rory Gallagher quotation, and writes songs that could have featured in the same or a similar way on Agent Orange. These are the diverse influences that make Genesis XIX what it is.”

Also, there’s the amicable split with drummer Husky. “In Toni we’ve gained an awesome drummer. I’d even go so far as to say he’s the best drummer that nobody had on the radar before now.” Especially since Merkel also has, along with his furioso style, a number of other important qualities, namely his stints with death metal act Sabiendas and a number of other black/death metal bands, where he played drums and doubled as a producer. Thus he’s been a dab hand at studio technology and recording. “We were largely autonomous during the production of Genesis XIX and were free not only to concentrate on working on new songs but also to come up with the right sounds. That was important because we use neither digital amps nor plug-ins but played all the guitar parts using proper Marshall tube amps.”

Another badass band cranking out some good music for you to thrash around your living room to. I highly recommend checking this band out, they’ve got a looooot of good music out there! Also, German Thrash is the shit (haha!), but you knew that already.

Click here to purchase the new album through any of these links!


Polish Death Metal band DIRA MORTIS will be releasing their fifth studio album this year! Seems like everyone is getting into the spirit of creativity while in captivity. According to EARSPLIT PR: “On Ancient Breath Of Forgotten MisanthropyDIRA MORTIS brings forth seven intense, massive, and crushing tracks of classic death metal tracks influenced by the likes of Incantation, Immolation, and Autopsy. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Roslyn Studios with producer Krzysztof Godycki (Kult Mogi³, Morda Stigmata, Stillborn, Ulcer), and completed with cover art and layout by Bart³omiej Kurzok and photos by Marcin Studzinski. The album’s intro and outro were produced by £ukasz “Zenial” Sza³ankiewicz with Elene Aladashvili on vocals, and the track “Twilight Of Divine Purgatory” features a guest solo by Uappa Terror”.

I can see a mosh pit breaking out to any one of these new songs — or any of their old songs for that matter! I don’t want to reveal too much cause it’s not even out yet, but this is the kind of music that makes me miss live shows!

Selfmadegod Records will release Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy on CD and digital platforms on Christmas, December 25th! Talk about “Ho, Ho, HOLY SHIT!”.

Check out their music below and be sure to check out their other albums on BandCamp!


Another sick band for you to check out! Seattle Hardcore Punk band FUCKED AND BOUND is everything I want at a metal show — LOUD, crazy, and straight to the point. Instant mosh pit. The band has joined the Quiet Panic Records roster for the reissue of their Suffrage LP and impending 2021 full-length.  Their last show was in LA at Saint Vitus the day before the entire city was shut down for quarantine. Crazy shit. Suffrage consists of the type of music you could sledgehammer some furniture to. True to the Hardcore Punk style, the songs are about two and a half minutes each which always leaves you wanting more. That heart-pumping edge, swirling with banshee howls, and erratic drumming — only the best! FUCKED AND BOUND is loved by an abundance of people in the industry (we’re just waiting for them to blow uuuup!):

“The band — which features members of He Whose Ox is Gored and Cattle Decapitation — specializes in lurching, distorted punk, vocalist Lisa Mungo’s raspy screams cutting through the grimy distortion and frantic drumming. Alongside a dark and stylized performance video, ‘Terror’ makes a strong argument for why Suffrage is one of the best punk albums to be (re)released this year.” — Decibel Magazine

The band consists of: vocalist Lisa Mungo (He Whose Ox Is Gored), drummer Matt Chandler, bassist Rah Davis (Cattle Decapitation), and guitarist Brian McClelland (He Whose Ox Is Gored).

Suffrage will be released on December 18th on limited edition vinyl and digital formats. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Check out their official BandCamp site here!


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