Hey everyone! This has been a weird ass week. This part of my zine is the ONLY reason why I know what day it is today. Hopefully this will end soon and we can all get the fuck out of our houses and BACK to the moshpits where we belong… anyway. This week is another post chalk full of great bands from all over the world! Again, these are ALL submissions from viewers like YOU, so definitely think about sending that email if you haven’t already. Let’s get started!



“Holy shit” is right. This Hungarian doom/sludge metal band knocked me over when I first listened to their song “Church of the Holy Shit”. It was everything that I needed and was currently feeling since being locked up at home. Not only was this video pretty cool (I saw that cat flash across the screen haha!), they have a good amount of music on their YouTube channel with just as much raw energy and blood-curdling screams that I love to hear.

You can check out their digital albums and purchase here via Bandcamp!



Oh my fucking god…. I have Stockholm syndrome hahaha! Mammonaut is a fuzzy stoner rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m in love with the vocals and the way the riffs sway and ignite during a solo. This is a fairly new band right now, but they’ve already recorded some badass music for their latest EP. This song is an ass shaker for me personally haha! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to liven up their in-home quarantine a bit!

You can listen to their full EP The Last Mammonaut on YouTube here!



Slow and psychedelic. Dreary, yet dreamy. “The She Shanty” is by far my favorite song from An Angry Auroch’s War Weary World album. Sounds like a sativa-hybrid right from the start (my stoner buddies know what I mean). Coming through from Manchester, UK this is a hidden gem for me. All of the instruments and vocals are all done by one person, Andrew James Reid — crazy shit!

You can visit their Bandcamp here for streaming and downloads!



I love how this album starts off! I’m a huge gore whore/cinephile and it seriously reminds me of some old Hollywood horror film. The rest of the album is just three chill dudes from Austria rocking the fuck out and blazing up as they go along. It almost sounds like southern rock mixed with huuuuge stoner vibes. This is a great album to wake up with (I wish I had a toaster now hahaha!) in the morning while you’re getting ready for work, or just in general. Psycho Toaster actually just released this self-titled album this month too! So now you have some newer tunes to (stoner) rock out to (favorite song being “Liar”)! Excuse me while I find a toaster on Amazon so I can properly enjoy his album hahaha!

You can check out their music and download a digital copy on their Bandcamp!



Let’s get fuzzzzzy! Twin Wizard is a 2-piece stoner rock/doom metal band from Wisconsin (okay BEN! Maybe I will come and visit you.. but like, move back to California though hahaha!). This album is fiery, yet chill in all of the right places (kind of like their album cover). This is a great album to vibe out to late at night when you’re making art (cause time doesn’t exist during quarantine so your sleep schedule is ruined). I love smoking weed, and making art while vibing out to some really good music that inspires me creatively. Maybe later I’ll make a death-defying trip to my local dispensary and see if they have any… Ghost Train Haze 😉

You can listen to and download their album here via Bandcamp!



Time for some sludgenesssssss. This self titled album is a creepy crawler of crusty sludge and stoner riffs. Crafted by a pack of awesome Aussies, this music really gets me in the mood for isolation.  Slow smoking some indica while I come up with new creative ideas… perfect mood setter. Sundowner’s album may only be three songs long (insert doom/sludge music joke here), but they have all the ingredients needed for a great album!

You can listen to and download their album via Bandcamp here!



Another awesome band from Austria — I’ve said this before in another Stoner Metal Saturday post but, I neeeeed to go visit  and see some shows! Kerbmaldarr is a perfect middle ground of melodic stoner rock and sludgy doom metal. “Void” being their latest release from their upcoming Demo EP (which I need by the way) is my new personal favorite. It really does feel like you’re falling down a void, but it’s actually pleasant haha!

You can stream their music via YouTube here!



Philip, the drummer from Kerbmaldarr, is a gore whore too (yay!) and has worked onset for a small Austrian zombie film in the past! Fuck yeah dude! This movie looks awesome! I’m definitely going to watch this later hahaha! WHICH you can also do… RIGHT HERE!



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