First and foremost… how’s everyone doing?! How’s your “end of days” thing going over there? Got your lifetime supply of toilet paper yet? I’m… so fucked. Anyways! Today I’m pretty much forced to write this. I’ve been getting waaaaay too many emails and notifications telling me “oh he’s back!”, “he’s uploading”…. he is. And for those of you who have NO IDEA what’s going on, I’ll tell you. The dude who runs SMOD – Clint Beed… is a piece of racist, sexist, homophobic shit. If you want the screenshots, they’re RIGHT OVER HERE.  

This became public (and private) outrage for everyone (with a heart and soul) within the doom community. Not only are our playlists on YouTube fucked up, but so’s the guy who managed to put them all together in the first place. It was disheartening to read all of that crazy weird shit (ESPECIALLY when he was trying to talk to a woman… oh my god). And well… what’s going on now?

What’s going on NOW, is he’s pretending that NOTHING is going on right now. Clint Beed claims that this is a “witch hunt” that’s sure to go away. No, I’m a witch. This is a NAZI HUNT. And it will NEVER END.

This is a list of bands on the MFKN SHIT LIST for being on SMOD’s YouTube Page:

The Midnight Sinners, Lizard Meat, Musgravite, Carcinogen Daily, Dope Smoker, Buried in Smoke, Flynotes, Routes of Neptune, Morganthus, Sahara, Aura Blaze, Etheral Sea, Split The Sun, Lucky Shots, Urban Graveyard, The Dhaze, Transylvania Stud, Crow Hunter, Philosophers, Van Cleef Continental, Kayleth, Taraban, Supernaut, Dirty Sound Magnet, The Cosmic Trip Advisors, Desert Crows, Yung Druid, My Dilligence, Stonerror, The Pilgrim, Hey Satan, Atomonaut, Risin sabotage, Space Paranoids, The Marlboro Men, Da Captain Trips, Black Rainbows, Zeitgeber, Gypsy Sun Revival, Empty Trail, Mephistofeles, Pyrior, Weedruid, and Battling Giants.


Devil’s Whiskey, Ancestros Cord, Bulldozer and the Machine, Isla Fortuna, Kayleth, Switchblade Cheetah, and Snowchild.

So, either the bands share his fucked up views… or they don’t know about this yet (which is KIIIIIINDA crazy seeing as it’s everywhere INCLUDING YouTube).


So What Can I Do?

1. You can WARN THE BANDS. Some of them REALLY don’t know what is going on with SMOD. Easiest way to do so is via email (which can usually be found on their Facebook page under “About”… scroll allllll the way down until you see some email addresses and find the band’s address or the manager… or ALL OF THEM).

2. You can tune into one of the OTHER YouTube Channels that are playing amazing doom/stoner music (that aren’t run by a racist). VIEW LIST HERE. 

3. You can check out the NEW #STONERMETALSATURDAY for new bands that are constantly submitting their music to me in the wake of the SMOD scandal!

If you are in a band and would like to be featured… check out BELOW!

If you’re in a band THAT’S ON THE SHIT LIST and you would like to be removed… just have your music removed form SMOD’s channel, RELOAD IT onto a new YouTube channel (666MrDoom or Rob Hammer for example) and send it to US for a feature!


  1. Do you have a full-length YouTube video of your album? Cool! Send the link with your band’s bio and links to MFKNZINE@GMAIL.COM
  2. ….THAT’S IT. No other form will be accepted.

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