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A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of photographing a couple of events for Lemon Haze (a cannabis company) and met some really amazing people! One of the vendors at this event really hooked me up with some samples and I decided to do a review for their brand as a ‘thank you!’. Island Classics was established in 2014 and now has farms in both California and Nevada. Since then, they’ve been working to get their brand out into the world and ran into me one fine evening. LEMONHAZE_OC_102They were super nice! Definitely one of my favorite booths at the event. The people working the Island Classics booth were very informative on their products and not at all stingy with the give-away items! After I ran out of my 8th I had at home I decided to finally spark one of these up. I’ve got to say — it’s some premium bud. The THC levels are mostly in the low to mid 20’s, and delivers a fresh taste of your favorite strains. Island Classics gifted me five strains of joints: Banjo (sativa), Blue Dream (sativa), Marshmellow (indica-hybrid), OG Kush (indica), and Black Cherry Kush (indica). InShot_20200128_091726560.jpgIf you know me, you know I’m a huge sativa lover so I started with the Blue Dream and Banjo strain. The high was mellow and uplifting; the weed itself was very potent in smell and taste. I even took some out for a bowl to smoke — a lovely shade of green. Light and fluffy like I just crushed some fresh bud myself. Trying the indica strains Black Cherry Kush and OG Kush was more of a TKO experience. Heavy  couch lock, body tingles, and sudden euphoria all mixed in a blissful fashion. So after trying those, there was the final indica-hybrid strain Marshmellow. The last one I tried was definitely responsible for my lack of movement the last few days (hahaha!) but I regret nothing. Very chill high, mellow with the body tingles, and some giggles as well.  Even the lower dose ones at 15% were still pretty potent. The joints smoked very well too, which is VERY important to me. No weed in my mouth, no limp joints or soft spots in the middle. It was a legitimate, perfectly smokable joint. I’ve has some run-ins with bad ones (won’t say who), so I appreciate quality.

I highly recommend trying out of these joints! They’re .7 grams in weight and a perfect fluffy density (none of that dry “grassy” bullshit). These high quality joints can be found in dispensaries all over California (click the link to find one) and can be delivered to you via cannabis delivery services.

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