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This year is going to be full of dynamic changes with the occasional emotional strain. With four Cancer Moons throughout 2020, we’re in for some deeply vulnerable interstellar energy.  Cancer Moons are known for heightening one’s emotions and grants us permission to release ourselves from the burden of being a human with feelings. This is the perfect time to purge yourself from any negative thoughts, self-doubt, and a whole mess of other things. This is an all-out general guide to a few Cancer Moon spells for your 2020 rituals.


Cancer Moons of 2020 (PST):

1/10 — Full Cancer Moon with a peak @ 11:21am/Lunar Eclipse @ 11:11am

6/20 — New Cancer Moon with a peak/Solar Eclipse @ 11:41pm

7/20 — New Cancer Moon with a peak @ 10:32am

12/29 — Full Cancer Moon with a peak @ 7:28pm

Cancer Moon Rituals Are About:

  • Family/Ancestry
  • Children/Fertility
  • Your Home
  • The Ocean
  • Emotional Balance
  • Beauty
  • Feminine Energy
  • Intuition
  • Love
  • Vulnerability/Sensitivity


Things You Will Need:


  • Pearl
  • Rose Quartz
  • Aquamarine
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Clear Quartz


  • Pink
  • White
  • Blue

Essential Oils

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Jasmine

Altar Items

  • Ocean Water
  • Sea Shells
  • Pink Himalayan Salt or Sea/Ocean Salt
  • Pink and/or White Roses
  • Lavender Sprigs
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Pen and Paper


Where To Have Your Cancer Moon Ritual

Phew! Okay, now that we’ve gotten the logistics out of the way, we’ve come to the fun part. My favorite places to do a water moon ritual is in water or near it! You can find a body of water (ocean is best) and start setting up or you can do a water ritual at home. Having an outdoor ritual in or near a body of water is ideal, but not everyone lives near the ocean. Not to worry! Doing an at-home water moon ritual is just as easy — yes, even if you don’t have a tub.

Collecting fresh or ocean water is great, however if you’re unable to, regular water can work just as well (just mynifest harder haha!) for your ritual. If you don’t want to use the shower or bathtub as a resource, you can always have a container of water mid-altar. For me personally, I like to head out to the ocean and collect the water right at the peak of the moon mid-ritual on the beach — I highly recommend it.


Cancer Moon Spellwork

So what would you like to do for your Cancer Moon Ritual? Give your love life a boost? Release your emotions? Cancel your chances of fertility (me, every “Cancel” Moon)? You can do any of these things with mynifestation and a little creativity. Spread the pink and white rose petals all over your alter and area. Make sure there are some roses left for a vase or two… or six (I love roses). Light your pink/white/blue candles, sage, and incense. Put on some music that digs deep into you but gives you power — something you would cry to (not saying you have to cry but… just in case). Complete the altar with the remaining ingredients (you don’t have to have all of them, just at least one from each list). Grab your pen and paper. Now you’re ready to start.

Beauty Spellwork: Focus on the pearls and roses. Have a mirror and pink candles for this. If you feel comfortable it’s easier (and more potent) if you do this ritual in the nude. Full body spellwork while wearing the pearls and holding pink roses — repeat a myntra you feel best suits your needs. The rose is what you want to be — beautiful, and confident enough to stand out (if it didn’t stand out, you wouldn’t have it). Find your beauty and confidence through this ritual (nightcapping with a spa night wouldn’t hurt either). If you feel a creative need to “doll yourself up”, go with it. That is your energy coming alive.

Fertility Spellwork: A little drink or “potion” would do the trick. Whether you want a child or never want children all depends on where your mind is. You can make the exact same drink, but it all depends on your intentions. I would use an empty wine bottle — they’re usually cute and the right size (male genitalia should take notes hahaha!) for how much I want to make. I like to use: 1 cup of strawberries and watermelon, a handful of pink rose petals, 2 green tea bags (steeped in boiling water, THEN chilled with ice cubes), a can of coconut milk, and blended with some sea/ocean salt or pink Himalayan salt (you won’t taste it). But before you put in the secret ingredient of sea/ocean salt remember what you want (or don’t want). Focus all of your energy on that and add a pinch of your salt and blend away!

Emotional Balance Spellwork: This is where you need to concentrate the most. You need to be in a deep and relaxing meditative state. Use the lavender oil and fresh sprigs to get yourself in a calming mood. Restore your inner-peace by freeing of your mind. Any loud or distracting things or thoughts must be eliminated. With your altar fully lit, focus on what you want this moon. Give yourself the time and space to be vulnerable. If you cry, that’s fine. There might be something you need to let out and you need to give yourself that freedom. With the pen and paper write down everything you’re feeling on one side, and write everything you wish to feel on the other. Finding the balance between accepting your emotions and changing your perspective for the better will help you with emotional balance. Concentrate on the paper. With one side say “this is what I feel” and the other “this is what I want to feel”. When you know you’re ready, burn the paper.



For the other types of rituals such as blessing your home and your family are relatively simple (ha!). Others such as “love spells” and full blown feminine energy metamorphosis are a little more complex and deserve a post of their own. I will definitely be doing more Cancer Moon ritual posts since I have three more moons to go!

What do you do for your Cancer Moon rituals? Let me know by emailing me at or on social media!

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