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As a stoner babe that loves adventures and lives in Los Angeles, not a shock that I found a little piece of Heaven in the middle of a hellish city. Venice, California is the stoner mecca of LA — and I’ve found the best parts of it. Whether I want to be surrounded by interesting people or be a loner stoner, Venice is the perfect place to be where the only clouds around are the ones you make.

The Rose Collective


A rose by any other name wouldn’t be half as good as this place. The Rose Collective in Venice, CA is my absolute favorite place to get weed. Their staff is varied with different personas budtending you with some high quality stuff. I live no where near Venice and travel all the way there for this bud. Sometimes I just need a joint, other times I’m hardcore shopping — either way I’m satisfied (and sometimes just pleasantly surprised). It’s always my first stop when I hit Venice.

House of Intuition


Another stop I make frequently is at The House of Intuition for more metaphysical (witchy) supplies. Even if you’re not into the whole witchcraft thing, this place is great for incense, (regular) candles, and sage for the home so you can kill the ganja smell and set the mood for a super chill smoke session. I’m definitely into that though — the stone I’m wearing above is from HOI in Venice. It’s a beautiful, wide open store with everything you could need for your altar, or ritual. The staff is more than helpful in answering any curious questions, and the vibes are gorgeous every time I come in (I know… I know — I sound like a fuckin hippie, but you know what I mean).

Free Books


So on my way to Venice I walked through Santa Monica and found this weird little birdhouse -looking thing with books in it. Being the nosy ass that I am — I opened it. Apparently there are free books people put inside of these for others to have. I grabbed one, and saw that there were more while I was headed towards Main Street. I highly recommend raiding one of these little hidden treasure chests. It’s not just going on in this area, but it’s nice to see.

Ocean Walk


And then I chased the sun into the sea…

The Ocean Front Walk is the best place to watch a sunset in Los Angeles. I love playing that game with the waves where you stand just a little too close to the water and run from the waves — you tend to lose while stoned though (haha!). With the Santa Monica Pier in view, and the sun vibrating with blood orange rays it’s a spectacular view for a loner stoner like me. High on the beach, lighting my Dragon’s Blood incense, and getting into the new book I had just found — it was a perfect ending to a great day. 

The Perfect Ending


And even when it got too dark and cold, I couldn’t seem to pull myself away. Walking off, I found a grassy hillside and parked. I sparked up a “Rose Cookies” joint from my favorite shop and just slid into a euphoric state. I missed two buses for this view.

Now, there’s one major aspect that is missing… FOOD! Well, Venice isn’t cheap but I promise one of these adventurous days I’ll return with the sole intention of finding good places to eat!

If you know any I should check out feel free to email me at: mfknzine@gmail.com

OR get in touch with me via social media!

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