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Finding Your Celestial Peaks For 2020

2019 is almost up! That means it’s time to get ready for next year… celestially. I don’t know about you but I plan on doing a WHOLE lot of things in 2020. What really helps me is a guide for the year (and remembering every point in my birth chart). A few days ago I wrote out — in FULL detail — everything happening in the skies of 2020 and a few people asked me, “how the hell did you manage that?”… I’ll show ya!

First thing’s first… WHO ARE YOU?! Do you know your birth chart? Your entire birth chart? No, probably not all of it (not just your sun, moon, and rising). The best place to go and get your birth chart done is here at Café Astrology.

There, you will enter your full birthday, the time, and location… and BAM! Full chart wheel (you get a full photo, it’s actually pretty cool). It breaks down EACH sign in your chart and the meaning of its placement. Furthermore, it gives you a cute little secondary breakdown in list-form of what your signs are for each placement. After that, now you can make sure you find all of your personal peaks for the year 2020.

Astro-Seek is what I used to find out everything there is for 2020’s celestial chart. Looking at this page, you can tell that you’re already deep in the vortex. Yes, I went ahead and cut all the guess work out, so you’re good to go. Too crazy looking and you just want the moons for 2020? No problem. Just know that you’ll be missing out on a lot of extra luck for the year. DO NOT FORGET TO CHANGE THE TIME ZONE TO YOURS! THE WHOLE CHART WILL BE WRONG! (Even if you click out and click back into the page, check the time zone!)

For me personally, this is how I did it:

Cross-reference your birth chart along with the astrological happenings of 2020 and you have found your hidden peaks of the year! I used a highlighter to remind me where my best ritual times are for full/new moons, equinoxes/solstices, sun sign seasons, eclipses, and planetary alignments. So for instance, I’m doing a ritual this year November 25th since Venus will enter Capricorn, and my Venus is in Capricorn. Adding on to my “No Feelings” vibe… hahaha! You don’t get the same planetary movements each year, so take advantage if you see yours!


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